Thursday, September 1, 2011

Whale Sounds

Sorry for my absence yesterday. I'm starting to get overwhelmed with this teaching thing. It's crazy because I'm working as a team with my mentor teacher yet both of us are constantly busy with school stuff. I can't even imagine doing it myself. I also signed up for the Praxis II PLT and Social Studies content tests that I will take on November 12th. Both tests are going to be two hours and are required to get my license. I'm nervous and it's stressing me out that I have to teach, prepare for that, and take a class. My mentor teacher assured me that I'll do fine because teachers aren't the smartest people and you don't need that high of a score to pass. I do awful on standardized tests and he informed me it's wayyyy easier than the SAT and ACT so let's hope!

Yesterday during 5th bell we had a fire drill. I remember during my fire drills we weren't allowed to talk or anything, but they were talking and it was pretty much a cluster. I mean they got out fast and in lines, but I felt like there could have been more organization. Everyone driving was staring at us. Also, during that bell I was checking their OGT books and when I came to the one student who always says 'Cleveland suck' to me I wrote "(Cleveland)" in his book. Him and the kid next to him started cracking up.

During our team meeting we were talking about the Open House next Thursday and what each teacher was going to talk about. I didn't know if I was going to be included or anything (I mean I know that my mentor would probably want me to go) but I thought the teachers were going to stay the main focus. However, my mentor teacher asked me if I wanted to give a two minute discussion about the planners. I kind of felt like I didn't have a choice, so I said yes. I'm so nervous though. I feel like as an intern I have to make a huge impression with parents because they probably don't consider me a real teacher.

Today in advisory my mentor teacher and I did academic advising with the students. I feel like I'm terrible at it. I don't really know how to go about the 1-on-1 conversation and I don't really know how to fill out the sheet! I hope I did a good job. I don't know why my mentor teacher had me doing that, but he did. D:

I taught 3 bells today on the systems of government power point. I just lectured while the students copied down the slides. I started off less confident. The microphone was too low so I kept putting my hands over it (because I talk with my hands too much). I also kept talking too fast and would explain things while the kids were writing which meant they weren't listening to anything I was saying. My MT pointed all these things out and I changed them right away. The 3rd and 6th bells went so much smoother.

Bell 5 is behind because they always talk and they had the fire drill so they took their quizzes today. One girl freaked out on my so my MT was talking to her in the hall. While he was in the hall some students started making these "whale" noises. Yesterday the math and English teachers were talking about how the boys do this and it was a huge problem last year with the 9th grade teachers. What they do is make these noises in their throats and you can't tell who it's coming from, but they work in teams so if one does it and you walk over to that side of the room someone on the opposite side of the room starts. I probably shouldn't say this to give anyone ideas! Anyway, so one student started it while my MT walked out of the room. I think I knew who it was because he kept looking at me. Since I couldn't tell who it was I threatened the whole row with a detention if it continued. It stopped right after that.

I took a picture of yesterday's outfit, but I forgot to put the memory card in my camera and it was blurry so I just deleted it. Ignore what I'm doing with my neck because I seriously have no idea. Anyways the dress and the belt are thrifted finds. The sweater and shoes are from Urban Outfitters. The tights are from Target. Again, I wasn't kidding when I said that is where most of my clothes are from.

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