Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Resources to Check Out

So, I'm going to keep this short and simple because not much happened today. We just watched a movie in class and I copied a lot of stuff. I'm pretty much the copy queen now. I'm putting that on my resume.

Anyway there are three links I would like to share with all my teacher friends, or just anyone in general, really. Since the school I'm at is a STEM school I learn about all kinds of technologies and websites since they are an integral part of the curriculum. I'm sure more sites and resources will be added, but for now this is what I have:
  • Wikispaces -- My U.S. history classes will be making a wiki on World War II in the upcoming weeks. I think this site would be really cool for larger projects or even just as a resource for students if your school doesn't have blackboard. You can actually find a sample wiki here and see how it was used for the WWII project. And no, this was not made in my MT's class.
  • Gaggle -- I don't actually know what this site is, but I plan on checking it out more when I get time. One of the teachers on our team uses it and seems to love it and he's a big tech guy, so it has got to be good.
  • Prezi -- Puts microsoft powerpoints to shame. I should have used it for my Interwar Period lecture, but alas, I used to old standard version.

Oh, I forgot. So, tomorrow is the open house and our team is putting together a brochure for the parents who show up. It has a small description and contact information for all the teachers + me! I guess I technically am their teacher also. One of the teachers came around to took a picture of us in action. Since we were watching a movie today this is me in action. I look scared to death! But it was awkward because he was taking a picture of me in a dark room. This also saves me from having to put another picture up of my outfit. I bought that sweater at a thrift store. Surprise, surprise.

P.S. If you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture you can see the bottom of my "Binder Order" sign!

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