Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Chocolate River

I wish the explanation of what I am about to say has something to do with that picture, but it doesn't. In advisory we went out to the front of the school and did an activity called Hot Chocolate River. You can find instructions on how to play here. Basically, the gist of the game is that there are two teams and each team has to use "marshmallows" to get their team across. If they fall in the river by stepping of the marshmallow the whole team has to start over and they have to have a foot on any marshmallows in the river at all times. So, basically it was hilarious. I wish I had a camera! There was always one less marshmallow than the number of people on the team so at one point one team had everyone one these small folders that were being destroyed so fast by the dew on the grass. Two girls were trying to get across and the one started slipping and falling back and the other girl (who was a bigger girl) grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back up. I had never seen anything like it. It was so funny though, the whole game.

Yesterday one of my students lost his OGT books and I told him I would look for it, but I had a suspicion that the last bell class would have something to do with it. Well, I was right and as I was checking books I realized that one students was different than the rest (because the school doesn't have enough money to give all students the same book). I looked at the number and immediately saw it wasn't his. He said that the boy left it in his locker and he didn't realize it when he completed the assignment. I told my MT and he told me just to give extensions to both boys. Well, today I saw the boy whose book it was and gave it back I said that the other boy had it, but the first boy had no idea who the second boy was. Which made me suspicious because the second boy said the first one put it in his locker. But anyway, I made a mistake about giving names out! My MT told me that if something like that happens you shouldn't give out names, but I had thought they were friends since it seemed like he had put it in his locker. My MT said that there is so much going on at the school that something like that could come back and start a fight, etc. He said that he didn't think anything would happen here, but he said that we needed to be particularly careful with the girls. Good to know! The girls are pretty catty though!

We got into the project today! It seems that my groups are actually looking pretty good. I had to make some changes because my MT wanted to put people who weren't here today on the same team so they would all be on the same page. As I was giving names my MT told me to make them write the letter of their group on their paper and that when you give directions about where the group is going to work you have to physically walk to the area, touch the desks, and repeat it (and you'll still have kids asking where to go). It's kind of sad how specific you have to be, but then again I know college kids that can't follow directions.

There was one girl who was suspended for a while because she has emotional/anger issues and can snap in a second. She came back today and asked me for the stuff she missed. I didn't recognize her at first, but then immediately I knew who she was. I really hope she doesn't turn on me because I am like half her size in all directions! I mean she's not fat, but she could definitely take me down! Fortunately, she responds well to adults and not her peers, so hopefully we'll be okay! :)

Some funny things to happen today:
  • One boy asked if the wiki they were making could have their own web address. "Can we have our own url, like" I laughed so hard, I don't know why.
  • Some girl told me it looked like I had a blush mark on my collar bone. I have pale skin so I know that any little make shows up, but I don't even know what a blush mark is! Anyone know?

Besides getting me that illustrated history book as a gift I would also love some Sharpie pens! :) I adore them.

Okay, I made a mistake yesterday. That shirt was NOT from UO! I actually bought it at TJ Maxx in Michigan! So, I do actually wear other clothes! Unfortunately the dress in this picture is from UO and the boots are from Target. I got so many compliments on the boots, even from girls who weren't my students.

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