Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Day, Late Night

Sorry, I'm posting this so late. I taught all day, stayed at the school until 4:25, immediately ran over to UC to attend a meeting at 4:30 which lasted until 6ish, then came home, ate and graded papers. This is going to be a VERY long week. I know I'll be at the school until almost 8 on Thursday, so I probably won't post anything that day. Sorry!

Anyways today I gave my first full lesson that I created. It was a teacher centered lecture and powerpoint presentation on the interwar period (1919-1939). I taught every bell but 5 because they are very behind because all they do is talk. I don't think I can upload power points onto here, but if I can/figure out how I'll put it up.

Not only was this my first full lesson, but my supervisor also came into observe me. Our supervisors make 3 visits into the classroom and the first visit is an observation of a lesson, but she came during the third bell, so I had the first two classes as my guinea pigs.
Not to be confused with these guinea pigs.

During the first two bells my mentor teacher gave me advice on what I need to work on for the next class, as he always does and I immediately put into practice. During the first bell he told me that I needed to end the lesson with a transition such as restating the objectives and briefly going through the powerpoint again then instead of making it seem like I didn't know that we still had time left I say, "Because you all were on task and took notes I saved you a couple of minutes to start on your homework." They'll never know! :) During the second bell he told me that I needed to make a transition between the warm up and the lesson by saying something like, "By the number of responses and the amount of hands up I can clearly see that you remember a lot about WWI. Now I want to continue our review with the interwar period..." TRANSITIONS!

I think my supervisor was surprised with how well I'm improving on my teacher persona, such as voice, knowing student names and calling them by their names, etc. I know it's hard to believe but I'm shy in front of people (this is sarcastic). There are definitely things she said I still need to work on, but my mentor teacher said so many nice things about me. Sometimes I think he's delusional, but who knows. HAHA! Later that evening out the meeting for the teachers college at UC my supervisor was telling everyone that I had went in 2 weeks before our high school even started, but she was looking directly at my friend Sarah. She sent me an e-mail later saying, "Thanks [for my CAL]. Sorry for referring to you today in the orientation, while looking directly at Sarah." I got a chuckle out of it, but I laugh at everything so I guess that doesn't mean anything.

Today I told the student who wrote in his binder about Nicki Minaj that I liked his notes about her and he laughed. I think he was kind of embarrassed.

I feel like I look kind of trashy in this outfit, but whatever. I know next time I wear the shirt I'm wearing a tank top under it. I spent way too much time worrying about the bow part because it was heavier than I thought so it would make the neck hang down. It was just a hassle. I did buy the shirt on my shopping expedition with Ally! It's a Forever 21 shirt. I bought the cardigan a while ago at a thrift store near my hometown. It was a chilly day so I definitely needed the sweater, but I'm embracing fall. I love the cool weather and everything about fall, especially the pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING!

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