Friday, June 19, 2015

Cleveland Indians Game #2

I'm writing this post as I'm about the spend the next two days at work while missing my '95 Indians reunion. Alas, money makes the world turn. Anyways, yesterday, my best friend, Becky, got free tickets to the Indians game against the Chicago Cubs. She invited me along, and since I didn't have to work, I jumped at the chance. I don't think most people would assume I'm into baseball, but I love going to Indians games. I think it's because I spent a lot of time at baseball games growing up, whether it was watching the 90s Cleveland Indians or going to my brother's baseball games.

Driving downtown it started to rain, but luckily once we got to the stadium, the rain stopped! The game was delayed a bit so we weren't in a rush to get to our seats. Once the game started the Indians scored two runs in the first inning! That was a nice contrast to their losing 17-0 the day before.

Around the third inning we were craving some food and found funnel cakes near by! We started seeing people walking towards us with them so we decided to go in the direction they were coming from. Turns out it was right near our section! I, of course, downed my funnel cake in no time because I'm a sucker for anything sweet! Shortly afterwards the rain started again and there was another delay. At this point it was the 5th inning and the game was tied. We decided to head out since we weren't sure how long the rain delay would be and Becky had to work the next day. Nonetheless, the 5 innings were so much fun and I love my tribe!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lake Erie Bluffs

My cousin gave me the idea to start a bucket list before I move to Russia. Although I have no doubt that I will probably end up back in Cleveland when I return, I still thought it would be a cool idea to start a Cleveland Bucket list before I move just to get through the summer. My list is still in process and probably will be all summer, but the Lake Erie Bluffs was the first to be crossed off.

Last winter my grandma and I were driving through Perry on our way back from my cousins' house in Madison. We passed a sign for Lake Erie Bluffs, and I knew I wanted to stop by. Cleveland winters are pretty brutal, so I knew I had to wait until the weather got better to go. I hate doing things alone so I asked my friend Kelly if she was doing anything. She was with her boyfriend, Desi, but they both agreed to go. 

I honestly expected the park to be more spectacular, but I think I had an idea built up in my head about what it would look like. It was still pretty cool, but I'm a sucker for anything that has a good water view.
We walked down this small path that led out to the view above. There was a very steep hill down and we did want to risk it. As I was taking pictures a man and his four grandchildren came through so we moved over to let them through. They had snacks and fishing poles like they were ready to spend some time fishing. The grandfather carried each child down one by one. It was super cute.
The three of us were very indecisive on whether we wanted to stay or leave. We finally agreed to walk in another direction for a bit and found a path to the shore. We stood there and tried to skip rocks for a bit, but there was so much trash and wood that we didn't even try to walk down the shoreline.
What are some places you think I should add to my Cleveland Bucket List?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Catherine and Ben's Wedding Day

Sunday, May 17, 2015
My aunt and uncle invited me, my mom, my grandma, my cousin, Jacqui, and her fiance, Cory, to breakfast. After breakfast our waitress was asking where we were from and he said her "husband" is living in Ohio and while she was talking she was whipping a knife around that I was sure going to go straight in my eye. Luckily, we all left unscathed.

After breakfast Jacqui and Cory were going to go back out just to see how far the church and reception were from each other, and they invited me along. They asked if there was anything I wanted to see and I mentioned the capitol. We walked around and I took some pictures. We ended up back at the art festival too. We didn't stay long, but it was nice to be a tourist for a second. It made me feel like I was on a vacation!
Later on, it was time for the wedding! It was at the cutest chapel which was luckily air conditioned! We aren't used to the hot weather. ;) The wedding was beautiful, but I'm so mad my pictures turned out terrible. I want to use manual mode all the time, which means I rarely use a flash. So, unfortunately all my pictures of the bride and groom are horrible. Sorry, Catherine and Ben!

Their reception was at this Lebanese restaurant called Sitti. It was a beautiful building and the food was absolutely delicious! We ate, drank, and were merry with dancing in there too! After the reception I joined my cousin, Matt, and his wife, Brittany across the street at a bar where Catherine, Ben, and some of their friends were at. It was one of the funnest weddings I have been too. I absolutely love my family. I'm so sad that I'm going to miss Jacqui and Cory's wedding next April since I will be in Russia!
Now, off to watch the Cavs game!
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