Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay, okay. I'm awful at keeping written blogs, but I promise to update this more! Especially since I realized that I missed blogging about 2 months at the last school.

I'm officially done at my winter placement, and I am really sad. The school was a great experience and my mentor teacher was awesome! I'm glad he's willing to stay in touch because I learned a lot from him.
I start at my new school on Tuesday. Although I don't have to wake up at 5:45 anymore, the school days are longer, which means less time for myself and more time for homework. Plus, the bus ride requires a transfer now. Not fun.

Oh, to finish off last quarter I made homemade cards, record bowls, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my mentor teacher and the metro bus driver as a thank you. I know it sounds weird that I made the bus driver stuff, but he was seriously the nicest man alive and I wanted him to know that his actions were being noticed. Every day he said "Good morning, teacher." Since he knew I wanted to be a teacher. There was one lady who always got off at Xavier U, and she usually got off at this one particular stop. Well, one day the bus driver stopped there for her because that is where she usually got off, and she responded in a very nasty way, "I didn't pull the cord for this stop." I guess in a way I wanted him to know that people are not all like that and some people do appreciate what he does (or any public worker for that matter). After working 3 years in a restaurant I know how unrewarding such a profession can be when you come in contact with some many unappreciative people. I guess that is kind of what teaching is...

Anyway, I should probably get some sleep and enjoy my last "free" weekday before student teaching starts up again.
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