Monday, September 12, 2011

Cleveland Browns

Today was once again a typical day in the classroom. I ended up leaving late and taking my time walking to the school.... and was still there by 8! Does this ever happen to anyone else? You try to take your time getting somewhere but manage to get there at the same time you usually do? Well, it happens all the time to me.

Sometimes, actually a lot of times, it's awkward walking to the school because I happen to walk past my students. I don't want to say anything to them because I don't want them to be embarrassed by their friends. Today I was walking behind one of my students and her friends for a bit. When we were finally on the school property she finally saw me and told me jokingly not to listen into her conversation. I swear I wasn't. I was in my own day dreams for sure.

Today in advisory we played Silent Squares. If you haven't played it or need a team building activity of some sort you need to play it. As an outsider it was kind of hilarious!

In class the students finished up the last of the Interwar period stuff and they got progress reports. Word of advice hand out progress reports at least every 2 weeks. It's the only time students actually care about their grades and it keeps the teacher from having to answer a bajillion questions at midterms. Even with two teachers it's a lot of work to answer all their questions, I can't imagine doing it alone. Tomorrow we are starting our first big project: The World War II wiki! I'm excited for it. Now it means less teacher instruction and more answering student questions. This is a great project also because it means that 4-5 weeks of lesson planning is not needed because the students will be working on their projects.

As some of you may know the Browns played the Bengals this weekend. I would say it is a shock that the Browns lost, but let's be real. I love Cleveland, but I'm not surprised. Anyways, some of my 5th bell boys were giving me a hard time about it. They would make comments as I walked by or would pretend to throw a football. It was really funny. Also, remember how I gave that girl a detention on Friday? Well, it was for today and today is her birthday! Hahaha! Whoops.

There was a staff meeting after school. It was dreadful. I was so hungry and tired. All I could think about was trying to keep myself awake. But I did. Tomorrow I get to hole punch a ton of papers and introduce the project. I also foresee a lot of students coming to me after school for help. I don't mind though. I love them.

The shirt I'm wearing I also bought at a thrift store. It's actually one from the Miley Cyrus collection. As much as I hate her with a passion I do like some of her clothing line from Wal Mart. I was excited thought when I found this shirt at a thrift store in Kentucky. I forgot the name of it, but it's in Florence, I believe. Anyways, I running out of clothes to wear. I need to go thrifting again soon! :)

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