Friday, September 30, 2011


During advisory on Tuesdays and Thursdays we've been working on a seminar about bullying. The students have really gotten into it which is really cool to see. The school gave us the folders in the picture and a book mark. Can we just talk about the pictures on the folder. I started cracking up because they are so ridiculous. It's been interesting too because one girl in our advisory just got suspended for 5 days for bullying people in the hall way. It's not the traditional bullying where she has it out for people but she's a bigger girl and she tends to just plow through people and not think anything of it (even teachers!).

The student I keep talking about who said I had the key to his heart I'm going to call Diante from now on so it's easier on me. Anyways, this conversation happened:
Diante: You teachers set a bad example for us.
Me: How is that?
Diante: You drink during class.
Me: This is not a democracy. It's a dictatorship. I can do whatever I want.
Then he said something about a cell phone which I didn't quite get.
Me: I don't use my cell phone in here!
Diante: No, you can play with mine.

That boy is ridiculous. He also said:
Diante: Miss Albert, that shirt brings out your eyes.
Me: Diante, that shirt brings out your eyes.
Diante: Thank you. I may just start wearing this color more often.
The funny part about this is that they wear uniforms and black shirts every day.

Today we had a grandparent come in with the student and it was found out that the student had been or had someone forge signatures on her progress reports. I felt bad for her (she started crying), but then I had to remind myself that she lied to her grandma and her teachers. She is a mess. It appears that she has been hiding her grades and going to her house around 6. Even if she stayed for study tables they end at 4:20, so she'd be home way before 6. That girl just dug herself a hole.

Today one student told me that I look like someone off street fighter. I don't know what street fighter is, but if it's anything like this picture we're in trouble.

So, like I said the students are making World War II wikis. Some of the students have gotten to the point where they can finally get their username and start building it. Before they start though my MT told them to listen to a tutorial video. During the last class my MT came up to me and told me that the students thought it was me talking in the video! Haha! That's hilarious!

Finally, I bought this skirt yesterday at where else? Urban Outfitters. It was college id night, though. I obviously had to buy something. Anyway it was about $7! I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. My roommate and I decided that one way to build rapport with the students is to dress good. I really think it does work.

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