Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrifting is Embarrassing

Yesterday I forgot to mention a funny story that happened. Well, it's probably funny to all the people who make fun of my height. One of my students came up to me and asked me where the paper towels were. I walked him over to the cabinet and they were on the top shelf but pushed back a little bit. I tried to reach them but knew I would eventually make a fool out of myself, so I had the student get it for me because he was easily 7 inches taller than me, probably more. When he goes to get it he bends his knees a bit and imitates me trying to reach them. Then he said he was just kidding and that he wished he was short like me. I don't know why he would say that because I think taller people have much more advantages.

Yesterday we FINALLY got the planners in so my MT had my label and pass them out today. He printed off labels with each students' name so that we could put them on and know which one belonged to each student and so it would cut down on people trying to steal them. The labels had the students middle names on them, and you would think that would be no big deal, right? Wrong! I have never heard so many people complain about their middle names being shown. I was actually in utter shock that so many people were legitimately upset. Note to self: Don't ever put middle names on public items.

I already have one student who I know I'm going to be beating heads with. She was working on her work book while my mentor teacher was explaining things today. I walked over to her and told her she needed to close the book and pay attention. She gave me an attitude and said "I am listening. I can do this and listen." I told her that wasn't really the point and she needed to stop. She closed the book and I walked away. A little bit later she had it opened again and I told her I would write her a detention if she didn't close it. She gave me an attitude again, but I just walked away. She gets on my nerves, but I'm not going to let her get the best of me.

After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have help nights. I usually do the history one now while my MT teaches a class for UC. Today, we went over to the English room and so the other teacher was in there. My 3 students were very chatty and everything so I walked over to stand by them to keep them on task. The one student told me she pay me $10 a paragraph to do her homework then this situation unraveled:
Girl 1: That's $120!
Me: But I don't need to do it. I already passed the OGT.
Boy: You could like buy a nice pair of Jordan's with that money.
Me: Do I look like the kind of girl that would wear Jordan's.
Girl 2: I WEAR JORDANS. They have nice ones for girls.
Me: No, I'm not saying girls can't wear them! But can you really see ME wearing them.
Boy: You could work them.
Boy: (looking at the skirt I was wearing) You could buy like 2 skirts.
Me: (considering how my thrifting wouldn't even come close to $120) I buy my clothes from thrift stores.
(All 3 of them start cracking up)
Girl 2: I can't believe that you admitted that. You were so proud when you said that. Your head was held high.
Me: Well, you must not have many white friends then.
(All 3 burst out laughing again)
Girl 2: If you ask anyone if they shop at thrift stores they wouldn't admit it.
Me: White people love thrifting.
Boy: Miss _______, do you buy stuff at the thrift store?
Teacher: Oh yeah! I love the thrift store.
Girl 2: Ew. That stuff is so gross.
Me: Well, I don't buy all my stuff from thrift stores. A lot of it comes from Urban Outfitters and Target.
Girl 2: I love Target. Don't hate on Target.
Girl 1: Target is great.
Girl 2: You guys dress nice though. I like your style.

This is pretty much my life motto. I found it here.

So, the skirt I'm wearing was a thrift store find in Michigan when I worked there last summer. The shirt is from my awesome roommate/bff, Hannah, who gave it to me when she was downsizing her closet. Appropriate thrifted items for today. Am I right? And the belt is from Urban Outfitters.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHHAA! Sorry it took me so long to read this! I've just got the internet back and I"m getting all caught up on your week :) This is hilarious. I think you're right...it must be a white thing, lol. At least in Cinci? I love it.


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