Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving In --- My Desk Edition

So, these are the lucky items I have displayed on my desk at the school:
1. A Franklin D. Roosevelt pencil sharpener -- He's my hero and my favorite president. I wrote about him on the essay portion of my OGT.
2. A perpetual calender I bought in San Francisco -- I love it and it's totally my style.
3. A doily coaster from Urban Outfitters -- Needed a place to put my coffee.
4. A small candle holder that I turned into a place to put paper clips and rubber bands -- Don't worry, the wax was removed.
5. A picture of my sister, my brother, and me on our first trip on an airplane/and to Florida. I was about 5.
6. A dinosaur wearing a Cleveland Indians jersey. I mean, come on, I had to put something Cleveland related after all the nonsense my mentor teacher gave me about it! :)

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