Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can I Have Yo' Number?

Do you remember this skit from Mad TV? Where Darrell asks the girl in the theater for her number? So, a situation that reminded me of this happened to me while I was walking to the school (but not quite as hilarious). So, this situation happened while I walked past him on the sidewalk:
Me: (being courteous) Hi.
Man: Hi. You're very pretty.
Me: Thank you.
Man: Are you married or something?
Me: No, I'm not.
Man: You're single?
Me: Yeah.
Man: How are you single?
Me: I don't know?
Guy: What's your name?
Me: Jasilyn.
Guy: I have a phone number.
Me: Um, that's okay. (As I try to politely walk away)
Random things like this always happen to me. Can't a normal person my age talk to me? Haha.

Anyways, that made me laugh this morning. Today in advisory we had our group write a question for me and my MT that the students would want to know about us but within reason. It was funny. One of the questions was "Do you want to have children?" I said no because I don't really like kids or babies and all the students started saying, "What? You don't like kids." Hahaha. It's true, I don't know if I could ever have children. Another question asked if I liked being at the school. I said "Yes, I love it. I tell all my friends how much I love it." One of the girls yelled out, "Why?" with the most confused look on her face. We didn't get through all the questions, but I peered at them and one of them asked, "Why do you always look bord?" Yes, spelled like that. I don't know the answer to that one though... how am I supposed to look? Haha. Friday is our celebration day so I'm making funfetti cupcakes for them! I asked my mentor teacher if I could because I wasn't sure if he wanted us to bring in stuff or just the students and he looked at me and goes, "Are you really asking if you can bring in cupcakes?" He was all for it!

The only other notes I made today was that a teacher needs to go through instructions they give again and again and again then ask the students if they have any questions. At that time they'll probably ask you to go through them again anyways. Today we also gave the students a quiz on procedures because we finished up the main procedures we needed to get through for the first weeks. Today's warm up was "What questions do you have about the procedures?" I liked that he did this because it allowed for extra clarification of procedures again for students that missed it or may have just tuned out what was being said.

During our team meeting today after school the teachers on our team give shout outs at the very beginning. My MT gave a shout out to me saying I was great and even though he had gone 13 years without someone he doesn't know what he'll do without me when I leave. I was kind of embarrassed because I feel awkward when people praise me in front of others (although I do secretly like it too!) haha.

Onto the last item for this post. My outfit. I'm wearing pants and a shirt bought at UO. Now, I bought both of these items on the sale rack. I never buy anything full price there because I'm cheap. One of the girls in my classes told me she loves everything I wear. It made me smile. :)

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