Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cleveland Visits Cincinnati

This weekend one of my best friends from back home came to visit me! In the 5 years I've lived in Cincinnati she is the first one to visit me! I've had people come down to pick me up, but no one has come down just to see me and hang out. I am grateful for good friends! :)

She came down Friday night and we went to a restaurant near campus called Myra's. If you live in Clifton and have never been there you need to go! The food is so good. Then we came back to my house but decided we were craving Kahlua floats. We ran up to Kroghetto where we bought ice cream and I picked up some groceries. We went back to my apartment where we had our Kahlua floats and watched the first episode of Doctor Who. We both wanted to watch the show because we hear a lot of people talk about it. Yeah, it was very interesting!

Saturday morning we made buttermilk-blueberry breakfast cake which I wrote about yesterday and can be found here. After breakfast we walked to Bellevue Park which is really close to my apartment and has an AWESOME view of downtown Cincinnati, which my camera does not justice to. I don't know why I don't hang out at the park more often because it's beautiful (but kind of shady) and has a swing set! So, we swung on the swings like little kids.

After the park we went down to Ludlow and walked around. We weren't hungry yet, so we decided to go to a vintage store in Northside called Casablanca Vintage. I went there with my friend Kendra a few weeks ago. It is a fun store to walk around in. We tried on some awesome things!

Searching for something good!

Military style.

Ready to travel somewhere far away from here!

After our vintage trip we went to Urban Outfitters where she talked me out of buying everything I wanted. I can't go into UO without wanting everything off the sale racks even though that stuff is still really expensive. We went back to my apartment where we just hung out and talked about high school and people whose names we have not heard in years! Then she started playing a crossword so we were both trying to figure the answers out. We then got hungry. I started shaking because I was so hungry! We went to Five Guys. I had never been there before and she had so I trusted her judgement. It was actually really good. I was craving a burger, so it hit the spot!

When we got back to my apartment we hung out and talked and made banana bread.
I'm a banana bread baking master. Plus, I had two bananas I really needed to use. As we were waiting for it to bake we Facebook creeped on people from back home and then she decided to dress up in Hannah's apron.

We spent the rest of the evening talking and watching Detroit Rock City. In high school we would watch that movie CONSTANTLY. We know like every line from the movie. We went to bed early because we are both old women and have no need to stay up late.

This morning we finished off the breakfast cake and reminisced about growing up in Mentor. Her visit made me miss home and my childhood so much. No matter what happens Cleveland will always be home and a part of me will miss it terribly. I can't wait to go back! All in all it was a fun weekend that was much needed!

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