Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indians vs. Reds

Yesterday I got the chance to go to the Indians game here in Cincinnati. I was so excited! If you didn't know I am a HUGE Cleveland Indians fan. It's funny how into Indian's games I get. I love all Cleveland sports, but the Tribe will always be my favorite. 

I went with my friends, Mike, Drew, and Clare. We are all Cleveland fans, with the exception of Mike. Unfortunately, they lost to the Reds, but it was still fun. Here are some pictures from last night.
After the game we headed down towards the new park that was built. They are doing a lot of development in the areas between Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium. It is looking really good. A few photos down you can see Mike's girly attempt to run through the fountain.
My neighbors who live below me, besides being really awesome neighbors, are huge Red's fans. When I came home I was wearing my Indians jersey, and Adam told me I wasn't allowed in because I was an Indians fan. I was able to get in and about 10 minutes later I hear a knock on my door. Adam was there and asked what year I was born. I told him 1989, and he responds, "Ah, I was hoping it was 1992," and he hands me a baseball schedule from 1992. I told him my brother was born that year. He told me to give it to him, but I think I might keep it for myself because I love the Indians that much!

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