Saturday, June 9, 2012

Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show

In my attempts to hang out with more friends, explore as much of Cincinnati as I can before I leave, and make the most of my day's off I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mallorie, my friend and Mackenzie's sister! I had several dollar off coupons to the Krohn Conservatory's "On Wings of Harmony" Butterfly Show. Not that we needed coupons because they were pretty much handing them out as we walked inside.

We walked around trying to catch butterflies on our fingers. It was funny. I felt like a little kid again. I started calling myself the butterfly whisperer. Sometimes those butterflies can be scary though because they fly right at your head. There were these giant blue butterflies that were taunting us and we tried so hard to catch them, but, alas, they knew what we were trying to do. I also caught some and was able to give them to two little kids who weren't able to catch them on their own but whose mom's wanted a picture with them holding a butterfly. That was my civil service act of the day!
It didn't take us long to go through it so we decided to get lunch. We weren't sure where, but then I suggested Tom + Chee because neither of us had been there, but I heard good things! Then, we completed our day by thrifting, which I will write another post about soon!

Hope you had a good Friday!

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  1. Fun! I didn't know your blog moved so I wasn't getting your new post updates! I have fixed it :)


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