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I'll be honest with you. I hate when people say, "Music is my life." Especially when it comes from preteen/teen boys and girls who haven't experienced anything in their life but going to concerts that their parents pay for. For some reason the phrasing just makes me roll my eyes and go, "Okay, yeah, sure."

However, I do believe that music can evoke powerful memories, especially from the past. There are so many songs that bring back memories to me that I feel like the memory just happened yesterday. Mostly because I listened to certain songs or cd's over and over again during a certain point in my life and others just because I listened to them with a certain person.

I decided to blog about this and share some of the songs and a description of what they mean to me. Don't judge the music choices!

Memories by Jasilyn Albert on Grooveshark
1. Sister Golden Hair by America
I didn't chose this song for any particular reason. It is basically a song I chose for the entire genre of oldies/greatest hits. I just happened to hear this song today and it stuck. This music reminds me of my childhood. It brings back memories of the 90s and going to Indians games with my family. It especially reminds me of my dad. He listens to oldies all the time. In the car, cleaning out the garage. I started listening to this music again because I hate everything on the radio except this music.

2. Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
Listening to this song reminds me of my dad. It's his favorite song. I remember him telling me that it reminds him of his own relationship with my grandpa. This song, and Brown Eyed Girl will always remind me of my dad because he used to always dedicate Brown-Eyed Girl to my sister since they are the only two in our family with brown eyes.

3. I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
The entire Beatles Number 1 album reminds me of driving to North Carolina when I was in 5th grade because I got the cd for my birthday and listened to it much of the way down!

4. Breathing by Yellowcard
In 10th grade I loved Yellowcard, and I also had a period where I loved the movie The Butterfly Effect. I watched the movie 8 times in one week! I was obsessed. At the same time I would also listen to Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. To this day this song reminds me of The Butterfly Effect. It reminds me of really the last time I consistently rode the school bus. It reminds me of history class.

5. Versus the Mirror by States
This song brings back strong memories of fall. It reminds me of walking to campus and seeing red, orange, and yellow leaves on the ground. It also reminds of of that fall smell. Do you know what I'm talking about? Fall just has this crisp smell and this song reminds me of it.

6. Burn This City by Cartel
When I listen to this song I am reminded of my last years of high school. My friends and I would just drive around in the car. We'd go to Sheetz and get milk shakes. We'd go and cracker people's cars. This song reminds me of one of the happiest times in my life. Although I was not particularly fond of high school I had a great group of close friends and I would do anything to just relive those nights once again.

7. Dare You to Move by Switchfoot
You're going to laugh, but the entire A Walk to Remember soundtrack reminds me of the Pokemon game for Gameboy. I used to listen to the soundtrack and play the game for hours. Great times.

8. Last Call by Mae
I listened to this song so many times during winter quarter 2011. It reminds me of taking the Cincinnati metro bus and walking to the school I did my internship at. I am reminded of the cold chill and being happy to finally be on the warm bus.

9. As You Sleep by Something Corporate
This song, and the entire cd, remind me of playing basketball in 10th grade. I used to listen to this cd all the time, especially on the car rides to the games.

10. Faithfully by Journey
Like the first song, this song is just an example of an entire genre. Soft rock music reminds me so much of my grandma on my mom's side. She would always play Soft Rock 102.1 in her car and sometimes in her house. Whenever I hear songs, like Journey, I am reminded of family picnics or spending summer days at my grandma's house with unsweetened iced tea. It will be really hard to listen to this kind of music when she dies.

What are some songs that bring back memories to you?

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