Friday, June 29, 2012

Glenwood Gardens

On Wednesday Heather, my friend, invited me to Glenwood Gardens with her friend and her friend's friend. I know I probably could have said that more eloquently. This was a new park for me to explore. It was beautiful and much bigger than I had imagined it to be. It was a very sunny day, as you can tell by the sun rays in multiple pictures. I also got my first sun burn of the year!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Jars

Here is a picture of the container. It was a candle that I cleaned the wax out of. I'm obsessed with using candles as jars.
Here is a picture of the supplies you need. All you'll need is some type of bottle, jar, or container (I suggest glass), yarn in any color you prefer, and glue. I used good ol' Elmer's glue.
Start by applying a little bit of glue to the container. You want enough to get the yarn attached, but not too much or else you'll have a gluey mess.
Attach the yarn. I didn't cut my yarn yet. I just unwrapped a lot of yarn at a time because I didn't know how much I would need.
I did this craft on a surface that allowed the glass to turn with ease. This allowed me to use two hands to make sure the yarn stayed even. I added a little more glue at a time as I went up. You need to be careful and check for large gaps. If you see any or you see the yarn starting to become uneven you can lightly move the yarn up or down to correct it.
Then when you get the end I cut off the yarn and put a dot of glue that I rubbed in like what I did with the Thread Spool Wine Corks.
Then I put my supplies back in! Sorry for the spools. I didn't have enough clothes pins to keep them standing up straight.
Ta da!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy Chicken Tikka Masala

If you remember back to my 23 before 24 list number 4 was make homemade Indian food. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but every recipe seemed too complicated so I just never did it. I absolutely love Indian food and Cincinnati definitely has it's fair share of restaurants. Cleveland? Not so much, which is why I'm not looking forward to moving home.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted Indian. Plus, I'm moving and I need to eat the food in my house and this recipe was perfect to use up the chicken and rice I have. In order to find a recipe where I could easily purchase most of the ingredients I searched "Easy Chicken Tikka Masala" in the Pinterest search bar. It led me to this wonderful recipe. I more or less used it, but had to make some changes.

I tried to do a picture tutorial like I usually do with my recipes, but it just got too complicated. This recipe is really a two person job! So, I am just going to give the link and you can follow through! 

Chicken Tikka Masala, by Pastor Ryan

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee

I feel like this is a let down, but despite my blog name I no longer drink coffee. I came up with the name during the time of my life when I was addicted to the hot breakfast drink. However, I have since stopped drinking coffee, but I kept the name because it sounds better than "Tea Drinking."

My coffee addiction first began my Sophomore year of college. I started hanging out with a new group of friends and so that meant I was hanging out on school nights. I know that sounds so middle school, but I was never someone who liked to plan things on week nights because I was too focused on school work. My friend, Katy, always drank coffee and whether it was her mission or not she eventually got me hooked. I remember shaking terribly the first time I had a full cup. I couldn't resist, it was free at the church we were attending.

Once I began drinking it I couldn't believe I went through high school and Freshman year without it. I kept me awake longer, which meant I could get more done later into the night. This came in handy my Junior year when I would be writing papers all the time and needed the coffee in order to get them done.

By my fifth year in college I was student teaching. I would drink coffee every morning. But things started happening. I was no longer enjoying the coffee. I was starting to feel drained and tired all the time. No matter how much coffee I drank I could never really wake up. My body just didn't feel good. I'd feel dehydrated all the time. I also started drinking Diet Coke as another substitute because I knew if I stopped I would get terrible headaches from the lack of caffeine.

Coffee was no longer becoming enjoyable, and I think my body was starting to reject it. I never really put anything in my coffee, besides creamer, but every so often I would get flavored creamer or add sugar. Eventually the thought of flavored creamers, even my absolute favorite Pumpkin Spice, made me sick. I wanted to throw up every time I thought about adding sugar to my coffee. I just couldn't do it anymore.

Although I knew I needed to stop drinking coffee I couldn't bring myself to do it. First, I didn't want to deal with the headaches of slowly taking myself off the caffeine addiction. Second, I loved the idea of drinking coffee. I liked thinking of mornings reading blogs with oatmeal and a cup of coffee.

Then one day I started drinking tea again. I have always been a huge tea drinker, but this time I was introduced to Earl Grey. I realized tea could be my substitute, my delicious substitute. After I graduated it became easier to take myself off my caffeine addiction because I didn't have to stay up late. I could sleep when I wanted and mostly woke up when I wanted.

I feel so much better too. I no longer feel groggy all day. I feel more awake than I have since I started drinking coffee. I love tea. I drink a cup every day and I have yet to become sick of it. I can even drink it plain or with sugar! I'm not saying I'll never drink coffee again. I do love iced coffee and I have drank it since I really cut it out. I just don't think I will ever go back to that coffee addicted stage in my life.

I'd like to know, what is your relationship with coffee?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Rubber Stamp

I've been really loving stamps lately. I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to make them. I really want to try a more advanced version, but right now I don't want to pay for the supplies to do it. I also want to make some small ones out of corks from wine bottles, but I don't have any just yet. Today, I decided to make this easy version. It gave me inspiration to make more, possible with my initials, etc.
First, choose which image you want to use. You can print it out or trace it like I did. I used a doily because they are super easy to see through. I cut it out and then traced the outline with a pencil on an eraser.
I then cut it out slowly with an exacto-knife. Be very careful when cutting out the image because you are using a sharp object. It is more difficult when you first start cutting around the edges. It will become easier and the eraser will start peeling away. Also, be careful when removing around slim edges, such as the ends of the mustache. They are more prone to ripping off.
Then go ahead and use your stamp any way you like!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thread Spool Wine Corks

I got this DIY here from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. However, mine turned out a little differently because Hobby Lobby didn't have the same spool sizes as was used in the other project.
I started off by putting a small piece of double sided tape on the spool to keep the embroidery thread in place.
I then began wrapping the thread around the spool.
Once I was finished I went back around. This time I didn't cover it as tightly as the bottom later, but I thought going back around gave it more of an authentic look.
I forgot to mention this in the supplies but I put a small dab of Elmer's glue on the end of the thread and rubbed it in so that it would dry clear.
Next, I put a bit of wood glue on top of the spool and then attached the cork. The glue dries pretty quickly.
Use them to close open wine bottles or just display them on empty bottles! They are super easy and cheap to make as small gifts for someone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baker's Twine DIY

 Get ready for a bunch of DIY posts. I finally found the time and crafts to have a little fun. The first one I found here from A Step in the Journey. Sorry, the pictures are a mix from my camera and my iPhone. I'm still new to my camera so several pictures didn't turn out so well.
 I bought the spools and string from Hobby Lobby. You can choose which ever Sharpie fits your fancy. Black is pictured, but I ended up using green.
I first wrapped my rulers in tape so that the Sharpie wouldn't get on it. Then I wrapped the string around and taped down the ends.
I then made lines down the string. Make sure you go down and back up with the Sharpie so you can get greater coverage. Also, work from left to right or top to bottom if you are right handed. The Sharpie rubbed off on my hand.

Then I let it dry for a minute or two. I removed the string and wrapped it around my spool. I plan I making several more in different colors. I think they make a cool addition to any crafting area you have, plus they will come in handy for a future crafting project!

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Camera

Did I ever mention that I have the best Aunt ever? My Aunt Jackie is amazing, and sometimes I feel guilty that I cannot share her with everyone. With her assistance I am now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XTi!  The hard part now is understanding the camera. I definitely need a lot of practice, but I'm glad I have a new camera because my old camera wouldn't even zoom anymore!

Haley and I went to Ault Park on Thursday to hang out. I wanted to get in some practice with my new camera and what better place than the park? I'm kind of upset with how many pictures came out blurry, but I'm still a novice. Here are some of my captured images (without any photo editing):

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indians vs. Reds

Yesterday I got the chance to go to the Indians game here in Cincinnati. I was so excited! If you didn't know I am a HUGE Cleveland Indians fan. It's funny how into Indian's games I get. I love all Cleveland sports, but the Tribe will always be my favorite. 

I went with my friends, Mike, Drew, and Clare. We are all Cleveland fans, with the exception of Mike. Unfortunately, they lost to the Reds, but it was still fun. Here are some pictures from last night.
After the game we headed down towards the new park that was built. They are doing a lot of development in the areas between Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium. It is looking really good. A few photos down you can see Mike's girly attempt to run through the fountain.
My neighbors who live below me, besides being really awesome neighbors, are huge Red's fans. When I came home I was wearing my Indians jersey, and Adam told me I wasn't allowed in because I was an Indians fan. I was able to get in and about 10 minutes later I hear a knock on my door. Adam was there and asked what year I was born. I told him 1989, and he responds, "Ah, I was hoping it was 1992," and he hands me a baseball schedule from 1992. I told him my brother was born that year. He told me to give it to him, but I think I might keep it for myself because I love the Indians that much!
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