Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baker's Twine DIY

 Get ready for a bunch of DIY posts. I finally found the time and crafts to have a little fun. The first one I found here from A Step in the Journey. Sorry, the pictures are a mix from my camera and my iPhone. I'm still new to my camera so several pictures didn't turn out so well.
 I bought the spools and string from Hobby Lobby. You can choose which ever Sharpie fits your fancy. Black is pictured, but I ended up using green.
I first wrapped my rulers in tape so that the Sharpie wouldn't get on it. Then I wrapped the string around and taped down the ends.
I then made lines down the string. Make sure you go down and back up with the Sharpie so you can get greater coverage. Also, work from left to right or top to bottom if you are right handed. The Sharpie rubbed off on my hand.

Then I let it dry for a minute or two. I removed the string and wrapped it around my spool. I plan I making several more in different colors. I think they make a cool addition to any crafting area you have, plus they will come in handy for a future crafting project!

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