Friday, December 1, 2017

Cincinnati Roadside Attractions

Before I went to Cincinnati I scoured the internet for things to do and see. Of course there were old haunts I wanted to visit like getting Indian food (Cincinnati literally has the best, and I don't know why) and Graeters. After returning from Russia I was determined to find "offbeat" things because that's what I realized I liked doing. I told Haley I was interested in two specific places. I expected to have to search for where they were in relation to where we would be, but, as it turns out, she actually drives by them all the time. Even better, they are right by each other!
The first site was the large, I'm guessing, fiberglass cougar. It sits atop Alford Motors. You can't miss it! There was a side street across the way that we were able to park on, and I got out. Unfortunately, I didn't cross the street to get a different angle, but this will do. I had many people staring at me while I took this guys photo. According to Roadside America, he was first placed on the Stillpass Lincoln-Mercury dealership and resided there from 1968-1988. He was removed but it was unclear whether he moved to his new home right after. I absolutely love that people are still willing to house awesome roadside attractions like this cougar.

Location: 8100 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio
Literally right down the street is this giant Native American statue. While I would never condone the caricature of a group of people, I do appreciate his 1950s look. I just wish his "look" was a little different. The statue was originally placed at a car dealership called Cherokee Motors, and in it's prime had lights and a waving hand. According to Roadside America, the dealerships catchphrase was "Cherokee Motors.........where Paddock meets Vine at the big Indian sign." If you like roadside attractions like these you should definitely check out on of my favorite bloggers, Only Living Girl in New York. She lives for these kinds of things and has plenty available for your viewing pleasure on her blogs.

Location: 7505 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio
This last one wasn't on my list, but we happened to drive right past it on our way to get ice cream after the two previous attractions. Haley, being the AMAZING friend that she is, knew I would love it and even turned around so I could take pictures of it because she knows me better than I know myself. I absolutely love the art deco look about it and I can imagine Wes Anderson using it in one of his films. I couldn't find much information on this building except that the company was founded in 1880 and this building was probably built in the 1930s or 40s.

Location: 4760 Paddock Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio
Do you know of any roadside attractions in Cincinnati?
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