Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I love and have always loved shopping at thrift stores.  I actually got made fun of it during my student teaching. After going to Krohn Conservatory and Tom + Chee Mallorie and I went to a few thrift stores. I went here with Ally, the queen of thrifting, back in August, but I hadn't been to them since and I really needed to get my retail therapy on without spending a lot of dough.

We first went to the Goodwill Boutique at 2234 Beechmont Avenue. We went on a great day because the clothing was an additional 50% off! Both the items I bought are from Target, which is also great because I absolutely love Target's clothes. The first shirt is a large, but I bought it because sometimes you just need that cute loose fitting shirt in the summer.
Jason Wu for Target shirt: $6.00
+ 50% off = $3.00
Retail: $20-$30
Converse One Star for Target: $10.00
+50% off: $5.00
Retail: $29.99

Good thrifty finds make for a great day! We also visited St. Vincent de Paul at 2300 Beechmont Avenue (literally a few buildings away from the Goodwill. This store also usually has some great finds, but neither Mallorie or I bought anything. I had a few things in my hands, but I talked myself out of it because do I really need it? 

What is your favorite thrift store?

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  1. YAY thrifting finds! I love that dress! I think I've told you this but sometimes I think that store is way too pricey...$10 for a dress? That's awesome that you were there on a 50% off day! The Dayton Goodwills don't seem to have those awesome deals.


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