Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haley’s Baby Shower Pt. 2

Saturday, April 6, 2013:  Haley and I woke up and ended up taking Clove to the dog park. I love dogs so much, but I unfortunately wore the outfit I was going to wear to the shower so I ended up avoiding the dogs. For lunch we hit up Skyline. You have to experience all the Cincinnati hot spots when you visit!

Around 1 we headed to her parents’ house for the shower. When we got there Celia, Colleen, and Margaret were all decorating and setting up. Margaret’s poms were so cute! They made Mimosas and non-alcoholic strawberry lemonade. There was also a lot of delicious finger foods and Margaret made the best carrot cake cupcakes!

Everyone started arriving around 2. We talked and eventually Haley started opening up gifts. She got a lot of cute clothes and supplies for Baby Cora.

Later that evening Haley, Margaret, Celia, Colleen, Haley’s mom and aunts, and I just hung out. We had drinks and took pictures. We ended up making a trip up to Kroger to get more wine and pick up some Graeter’s ice cream! That ice cream is the absolute best. Haley’s mom made a crawfish pasta dish (I don’t remember what it was called!) but it was absolutely delicious! We ended the night with a sleep over!
By the way, if you check out the pictures below you’ll see a really awkward picture of me. I have a fear of pregnant people! I know it’s a weird thing to admit, but I don’t like to touch their stomachs. It’s weirds me out. Maybe if I have a child one day that will change, but for now I’d like to keep my distance!

Sunday, April 7, 2013: I headed back home on Sunday. Before I left I met my friend Karina for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. No road trip is complete without a stop to Cracker Barrel! It was nice to catch up with her because I didn’t get to see her much before I left since we both worked.

The trip was definitely bittersweet. It was nice to be back home, but it really made me miss my life down there. I miss having a social life and just being able to hang out with people and do crafts. Haley and I would always hang out and craft. I definitely missed that. It’s so true that you don’t know a good thing until it is gone!


  1. I had fun with you! Thanks for coming to visit.

    ps. the pasta dish is called Crawfish Monica. Our favorite!

  2. This shower looks amazing! I love the poofs- they give me an idea for my first bridal shower that I get to throw :) Your pics are so incredible- I need to take some lessons from you.


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