Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoo Field Trip

Today was the field trip to the zoo. Unfortunately it poured a lot, but it was mixed in with some dry spells. The field trip was for several of their classes and they students were split up into 30 groups. Each group had an iPad and a book bag filled with technology such as video cameras. They each had a packet and it was kind of a scavenger hunt and they had to answer questions that dealt with global warming and climate change.

The first place I went to was called CREW because they wanted a teacher positioned there. I had never seen it before but it is where they do a lot of their research. When I got there there was only one group and the lady had me go on the tour because she thought I was a student! It was cool, but do I look like I'm in 10th grade. One of the workers was shocked I was a teacher and said I looked too young. We saw a surgery on a cat, a place where they do studies on plants, and also where they are doing research in order to see if they can find ways to diagnose pregnancies in polar bears through their poop. It was pretty interesting actually.

After the tour I went back up to wait for the later tours to finish so that I could make sure the students didn't misbehave. The group I was with were talking about what they wanted to do next and what they needed to find. Apparently there was a question that they had to find something that looked like the principal (who has red hair).
Student 1: Oh! You know that one lady down there with the red hair?
Student 2: They mean an animal!

I could help but laugh so hard at that.

After I went and walked back up to the front. I saw the English teacher and sat with her because it wouldn't be too long before the students came back to check in at 12. We talked for a while and the rest of the teachers came back. We checked in the students then they were back off to eat and finish. After some time the English teacher and I walked to the cafe to get food and get the students moving.

One of the employees came up to me while we were eating and asked if I was a teacher. I said yes and he told me that he was really pleased with how the students were behaving. We were shocked but really proud of our students for this (apparently another group at a different food court wasn't so well behaved). The students were really good though which was definitely a relief because of how some of them act in school. They also worked well with their groups especially since some of them wouldn't normally work with the people they were partnered with.

After lunch I walked around trying to find groups to film because I had a video camera and as part of the schools grant they need evidence of student participation. It gave me a chance to enjoy the zoo a bit. Of course I couldn't find any groups. Well, I did, but not as many as I hoped. Then I walked back to take another post where students would go for any questions or technology problems. The English teacher was there again so we just chatted until it was time to go.

So, I must say some of the students were adorable. Many were sharing umbrella's with group members and it was cool to see them so close especially since it isn't something you'd see in a more familiar setting like school. This one bigger girl had the "world's smallest umbrella." It was hilarious seeing her standing with it. There was another group and one of the boys was holding the umbrella over a girl's head as they were walking, and he wasn't even under it!

My day finished with a team meeting and class! Everyone in my applied methods class went to our professors house to have class and eat pizza! It was nice to see everyone again. I'm so wiped out now. Field trips take a lot out of you, but it doesn't help that it was raining!

I didn't bring a camera, but I did take some pictures with my phone.

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