Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Have the Key to My Heart

In advisory we did a seminar on a reading the students had been doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays the past few weeks. We split into two groups. One group went with me and one went with my MT. One of the girls was upset that she wasn’t in my group. The seminar went so well! I was so happy. I had to keep them on track and a few people didn’t participate, but I felt like they were really passionate about the topic, which was “Does high school performance affect college performance.” It was actually a really interesting article and perfect for them to read.

I like that my students are in groups for their projects because it gives me a chance to interact with them in a more relaxed setting. I may sometimes take them off topic (don’t tell!), but never really for long. There is a group with two girls and yesterday one of the girls asked if they could bring in cups to get some coffee. I went into a discussion with the two about coffee and when they started drinking it. It’s kind of sad (or brilliant!) that I’m bonding with my students over coffee! Today we started talking about coffee again and the one asked if I ever tried caffeine pills. I said, “No,” and asked her if she had. She said she had and she started describing it. I said “That sounds kind of dangerous!” and the two girls started laughing.

While they were in their groups I also graded their OGT book homework. Today the students who got an A also got a stamp. During second bell I went to one table and gave some stamps and A’s (which they earned, of course). But they wanted stamps on everything, so I went around and put some on their checklists for their project. It was cute, especially because one of the boys who wanted them was the laid back “cool” kid.

I also have several handshakes with my students. They’ll walk by and I’ll do the hand shake with them. The one girl who I have one with I am awful at it. It’s been taking me forever to do it perfectly. The one boy actually just started it today and he’ll do the handshake when he walks past me in the hall. Today we were walking opposite directions and he did it among a group of people. It was funny.

Student: I can't open this powerpoint.
Me: Okay just double click on this.
Student: It wouldn't work for me. You are magical.
Me: I know because I'm a teacher.

So, remember that story about me giving my first detention to that boy and then having it turn into a Thursday Night School? Well, if you give a TNS you have to call home about it. The student told me that he served the detention, so I said alright, but I just needed a note from someone running it. He failed to produce the note so I had to call his mom during lunch. I was dreading this phone call and I had just hoped he would give me a note. I finally got the courage to call his mother. I was so awkward on the phone, but I got it done. She was not pleased, but what could I do. I sat back down and was talking to my MT teacher about it when a minute a security guard walked in and said that he needed to tell us that the student had served it! I couldn't help but laugh, and neither could my MT. So, I had to call his mother back right away. Ugh, I hate giving out consequences.

I don't care about what all you haters say, I love ugly sweaters. I figured this sweater I bought at a thrift store in Michigan was decent enough to wear today. Hilarious story though. So, while they were working in groups I was stopped at a table and talking to them. The boy at the table goes, "I like your sweater, Miss Albert." I told him thank you and he continues, "It brings out your eyes, and your skin, and your hair, and your pants." If that isn't funny enough I am also wearing a key necklace. At the end he says, "I like your key necklace. You have the key to my heart." I had to walk away because I was laughing so hard.

I love them!

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