Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Project 1: Begun!

Want to start off by saying that I have never read truer words. Just kidding, but I totally agree. Teachers put up with much more than anyone can imagine.

Anyways, today we gave the introduction on our first project. I'm super excited, and I'm also kind of jealous that they get to do this. Right now I'm putting together the groups and it is much harder than it seems! Luckily, next project they get to pick their own partners. For the next 4-5 weeks this is all we are working on. It might become a little bit repetitive and boring, but there will be so much attention we have to give to them. My MT and I co-taught the instructions where I would read some and then he would and he would mostly go more in depth on explaining. I handed out several detentions to kids who wouldn't stay awake and we also had several stand in the back of the room. I mean, I don't blame them, but come on. It's only one day of instruction. Also, as the classes progressed we both got better at giving the instructions. It was pretty funny.

I must say I love when my students say 'Hi' to me in the hall or outside of the classroom. This morning I saw one of my students who I feel like a big sister too. He is so precious and he said a few words to me as I was walking into the school. As I was leaving this afternoon some of the girls were practicing for cheerleading and the group said, "Bye, Miss Albert" as I was walking out of the classroom. Then as I was walking to the sidewalk from the building another student said "Bye" to me. Then I saw two students that were in study tables walking around campus and I just said a few words to them as I passed. Seriously, I can't stress how precious they all are. I wish you all could meet everyone of them. Now, I will admit I get fed up and annoyed, but I can't let that get the best of me.

My 5th bell boys are still giving me a hard time about the Browns. I told them that I am the one that holds their grades in my hand. My dad gave me a whole schpeal on how the Browns will have a better record than the Bengals. So, I'm arming myself with that information tomorrow when I see them. One of my students also asked me today if I could be her mentor and help her get back on track academically. I told her I would have to put my history classes first, but I would definitely help her out. I wish I could give all my students individualized attention, but it's just not possible with the large class sizes and all the other crap we have to put up with as teachers.

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