Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have a really bad memory, so when things happen at the school I have to write them down. Yesterday I forgot the notecard so that is why there was no post from me. However, today I have it. Mostly they are just quotes.

Student to his girlfriend (I don't know if they're dating, but she's always hanging in him): [jokingly] "Go ahead and leave me after all I bought you from Family Dollar."

Student to me: "Miss Albert, do you want to be a gangster boss?"

I have been getting so many comments on what I wear. One girl told me that she loved the way I dress. I also always get comments on my ring that's made from a fork.
I had just finished disciplining one of the groups for talking and I overheard one girl say, "Yeah, but she's dressed really cute today."
A teacher to me the other day: "I like your sweater. I wish I was daring enough to wear all those bright colors."
Student to me about the same sweater: "Why did you choose to wear green?"

Remember that student who said I had the key to his heart? Well, today I was standing by him to help the people around them and he was pretending to point to something but was flexing his muscle. It was funny. My dad used to do a similar thing when he would ask girls which way to the beach, so it was even funnier that he reminded me of my dad.

We have 30 computers in our classroom with half being macs and half PC's. Well, the PC monitors can move up and down, but it's really hard to figure out. One student was trying to get his up, but couldn't so the girl next time him tried, but she pressed the wrong button and the whole monitor fell off. It was so funny. At first I was laughing so hard that I couldn't even attempt to get it back on. But I eventually did and we figured out how to move the monitor up and down as well!

Finally, the teacher next door is really annoying and she can't control her class.. ever. My MT does not like her at all. Today after the lunch bell we have our planning bell. We have to stand outside to monitor the halls and I went in right away after the 4th bell tardy bell rang. A few minutes later my MT came in and said that he was going to try to sneak away from the lady next door and would be back in a few minutes. It's so funny that he left to avoid her. She is super annoying though.

Well, I'm going to try to finish Mockingjay of The Hunger Games series so that I can finally focus on my school work!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA i love your quotes! super funny about the woman next door, too. how is the hunger games? i am going back and forth on whether or not i should read the series...

    one of my students asked me if i was in the holocaust.i was like "do i LOOK like i am 100 years OLD?!?!" they are all so funny.

  2. The Hunger Games was SO good! You should definitely read them. Some of it is corny, especially the relationships, but the audience is teenagers, so it makes sense. I probably would have been all over it when I was 13. But the books are really good and she brings so many twists into the plot, especially the first two.

    Hahahaha! That's so funny how one of the students asked if you were in the holocaust! How did that even come up in a math class?!


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