Saturday, September 24, 2011

School Spirit

Sorry this is a day late! I know you won't hate me though. Yesterday during advisory it was fire pit Friday. I'm pretty sure I explained how it works before, but just in case we all sit around in a circle and someone poses a question. Each person has a rock and the only time they can talk is when they put their rock in. The question that was asked was "What was the best thing that happened to you in school today?" After everyone answered we had some time left so we went with another question, "What are you doing this weekend?"

I told them I was working at my other job. The kids were shocked that I actually worked another job. I explained that it was an actual paying job. Again, they were shocked that I would even be teaching if I wasn't paid. One girl didn't understand how I paid bills if I only worked every other weekend. I tried saying I had money saved and I don't buy things I don't need (most of the time!). I even told them that I actually had to pay to be there. My MT teacher broke in and said that being a teacher is hard. You have to give so much and you want to help kids only to have them treat you like crap. The students were shocked that my teacher could actually make an accusation, even the students who I could say would be one of the offenders. I got a laugh out of that. I even heard some say that they were going to be good from now on. Let's see about that! haha!

I had a list of other things I was going to talk about, but I left the list at the school in my attempt to leave early! On Thursday a group of elementary students came to tour the school and stopped in our classroom. It was sad because a lot of them were taller than me. My height bothers me sometimes, especially as a teacher because most of my students tower over me. One of my students is 6'5"! Compare that to me at 5'1". Sad.

In high school I NEVER had any school spirit. In fact I pretty much hated everyone. Not really, but I didn't care about sports. Despite my lack of school spirit in high school as a teacher I do want to support my students. One of them plays on the football team and asked:
Student: Are you going to the game tonight?
Me: Uh. No.
Student: Why not? Don't you want to show your support?
Me: I don't have a car to get down there.
Student: Take the bus.
Me: I don't have any change.

I actually ended up going to the game though! I went with the two other interns on the team who I have gotten to know and become friends with. The game was actually a lot of fun. It was kind of weird seeing the kids out of school. When we first got there we were walking past the fence to get a ticket and walk in. One of the students saw us and yelled, "MISS ALBERT!" and then a few more followed. One of my friends said, "Why are they only calling for you?" I don't know why they called me. We gave some hugs and went to take a seat. A lot of our girls are on the cheerleading squad, so we got to see them too.

Our football team is actually really small, especially compared to the other team. However, the cheerleading squad was huge! We joked that the cheerleaders should start their own team and what we lacked in football players we made up for in cheerleaders. Unfortunately we lost 49-0! :( I felt so bad for them. It was funny because some of our students who were watching were yelling and making up songs about how everyone on the football team has a 4.0 and our school has a better GPA, and so on. I can attest, though, that those football players do NOT have 4.0's. I think I might be going to the volleyball game on Tuesday, or sometime soon. I'm excited to see the girls play. We should have a pretty decent volleyball team.

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