Friday, September 2, 2011

Crafty Crafty

My two friends, Brooke and Heather, decided that we were going to have craft nights on Thursday nights as an escape from our lives as teachers. You can see Heather's art blog here! Anyway, I decided I was going to make something for the classroom. You can see the finished product below. The binder order is a list that we write on the board that tells the students which order the papers in between the tabs to be graded should be in. It is on the board all the time so I thought I'd make a more permanent sign instead of the hand written one. He was so excited and after it was up he said that I put is "Objective" and "Agenda" signs to shame. He also said, "You'll probably be like, 'Mr. Frecker, I'm taking that sign with me when I leave.' and I'll be like NOOOO." I told him that I'll leave it as a parting gift and he said that I shouldn't say that so soon because I could leave hating him! Haha!

Our team gives out Big Red Bucks to students who display acts of C.R.E.D.I.T. It's cool because each teacher gets their own to hand out. I got my own stash! The students can trade in their "bucks" for snacks, supplies, or even save up to get an iPod touch or other high priced items. To go along with this there was a girl I've been butting heads with lately. Yesterday, she said she didn't understand the Economic systems unit right before the quiz. I asked her what she didn't understand and she was like "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT!" I was trying to see what part she didn't understand because her saying all of it didn't help narrow down exactly what she needed to know. Then she flipped out and turned away from me, so I walked away. Then my MT went over and she flipped out again because I wouldn't answer her question. My MT told her to go out into the hall so that he could talk with her. He eventually told her that 1. She needed to be specific about what she needed help with 2. He wasn't going to help anyone who was doing other work in class and said to me "I can multitask" and 3. He wasn't going to help anyone who was constantly talking in class. Today she had time to cool off and apologized to my MT and me. So, for that act I gave her a big red buck. I know I have days where I lash out at people, so I understand that she could have been having that problem.

Lately the students have been coming to me trying to allow me to give them an extension on stuff. I was kind of lax at the beginning which was a mistake, so now the honeymoon is over. One kid asked if he could have an extension on his homework because he had a football game last night. I told him that he couldn't because he knew from last Friday that this assignment was due the following Friday. Another kid asked if he could have an extension because he missed a day, but again he knew for a week that he would have to turn in his homework on Friday. Seriously, people. I worked my butt off in high school so you should too!

Good news! I'm almost done with my power point! I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend though. As soon as I'm done writing this I'm going to grade quizzes. Then I have to create my lesson for my observation on Tuesday! I also have to create a short bio for the Open House on Thursday. Next week is going to be crazy!

So, I didn't realize that this dress was this short until now! I did the bend over test which they told us to do if we were unsure if something would be appropriate or not. I probably won't wear this dress again to teach in, but I was running out of warm weather clothes. I mean, seriously, Cincinnati do you have to be 100 degrees in September!? Anyways, I bought this dress in San Francisco. I can't remember the name of the store, but it was very similar to a Forever 21!

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