Friday, October 7, 2011

My Students are Famous

Yesterday channel five news came into our school to do a report on students using macs and iPads in honor of Steve Jobs death. They ended up filming my students because they were in that class at the time. I couldn't help but smile when we watched it in advisory. Jobs' Legacy Evident In Schools - Cincinnati News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

During lunch my MT was talking to one of the students and came up with a discipline plan for her. She wanted him to sign something for an after school program. He wouldn't sign it though because of the way she behaves and acts in class and in the halls. It was interesting to see a behavior plan made with a student, so I took notes just in case I ever had to do it myself. He asked her what some reasonable things to be put in a behavior plan would be. One of the suggestions she gave was to be respectful to teachers. Then he asked what would that look like. And she gave examples of what she could do to show she was trying to improve. It was neat to see how willing she was to look at he actions and actually improve.

Diante was at it again today. This kid just won't stop! The STEM foundations teacher left because he is going to Afghanistan. He allowed the students in his class to work on their history projects, so I went up every bell to answer any questions they may have.
Me to Diante: When do you have STEM foundations?
Diante: Fifth bell.
Me: I'll be seeing you again then because I go up every class.
Diante: Okay, and I'll be seeing you this weekend.
Me: HA! Right (sarcastic).
Diante: See, you said right!
Me: You wish.
Diante: I know and it's going to happen.

Later when I went up to his class (which was actually during 6th bell) I asked the students if they had any questions before I left. Diante said something, but I didn't quite catch it. I asked him what he said, and he goes, "What?" Like he didn't say anything. Then he gives me the "call me" sign. Ridiculous.

Also, during fifth bell on of my students asked if I was going to Homecoming. I said no. And then he starts to add, "with your boyfriend." Jokingly, I say, "I wasn't asked!" Then one other student goes, "She's going with me." I was kind of shocked at the kid who said it because I would have never ever guessed he would have said something like that. I just laughed it off like I always do.

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  1. I'm sorry I've been so bad about responding to your comments! I promise I'm still reading you consistently- I just wanted you to know :) I'm laughing so much at Diante. That just cracks me up. I know Karoline T. has a similar story but her students are a little more crazy- like one asked if he could spank her!!! I love that your mentor teacher worked with a girl on a behavior plan- and I'm so glad that you took notes and wrote about it. That was something we talked about at UC but I had totally forgotten about it because I hadn't actually seen anyone do it.


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