Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love the 80s

A few weeks ago I was grading binders and some students were in the room working on projects. One of the students there was also in my advisory. I was listening to Mae and she goes, "Who is this? I really like it!" I told her it was Mae and that they were my favorite band. It turned out we have a similar taste in music. I decided I wanted to make her a mix of Mae songs, but it took me a while to finally get it done. When she came in yesterday I told her I had something for her. When I gave her the cd she goes, "I'm going to cry. I'm going to cry. You just made my day." It was so sweet. Today she told me that she had listened to the cd all day yesterday. I decided to put a playlist on here of some of my favorite Mae songs. It's not all of them, but there are too many good songs!

Today was 80s day for spirit week. It was pretty hilarious. One kid rode through the halls on old school four wheel skates - he ended up getting in trouble for wearing them inside, but it was so funny! Everyone was shocked I didn't dress up in 80s wear. I wish I would have! However, my supervisor came in and probably would have thought I was a nut! I told everyone it was okay because I was made in the 80s and that's what counts. One student said, "Really?! What did you wear." I responded, "I was just a baby." One girl was dressed up like D.M.C. My MT was talking about her outfit and how good it looked then said he knew every word to the songs. The students went crazy and told me to show them he did. He starts rapping in the class and it was HILARIOUS! It was really good too! I was surprised. I didn't think he'd actually be as good as he was!

Speaking of spirit week, I took pictures of the door! We will find out tomorrow who won! Our classroom has two doors because it's a double room, so we had extra work. My advisory is awesome though and definitely pulled it off. They also made T-shirts for the pep rally tomorrow. They were so cute.

The math teacher had everyone draw a picture of themselves and they put it on the door. One student has an IA because he's legally blind. The IA went crazy with it. I had to take a picture of his drawing. The other drawing is of my student. She was there when I took a picture, so I had to put it on too!
Tomorrow I will have a list of all my students wikis! Their last day is tomorrow! I'm so glad we are almost done with this project. Finally, my MT put me in charge of the craft activities. He wants me to think of some fun Halloween activities we can do so I've been searching Pinterest. I'd love suggestions and ideas though!

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