Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Age is Just a Number

I love what I'm doing right now. I love teaching, I love my students, I love my mentor. I get so sad when I think about December and leaving the school. I don't ever want it to come.

Today was switch day for spirit week. This meant all the Center (12th graders) had to wear our uniforms and the STEM kids had to where the Center uniforms (or lack there of). Basically, it was a dress down day. It was the first one of the year, so it was the first time I actually saw my students out of their typical khaki pants, black shirt, and black or white shoes. I must say that some of my students are quite stylish. I loved some of their clothes. Some of the others were quite hilarious. One of the students who always compliments me on my clothing was wearing the cutest outfit ever (she also has the best hair ever, by the way). When I saw her I told her I really liked her outfit and her friends outfit (who is also one of my students). They both go, "Miss Albert! I love YOUR outfit." My students are too great!

The way our school is set up no one should be walking down the 10th grade hallway at any point during the day. Well, during 3rd bell some seniors came yelling down our hall - which they do every morning - but this my MT was able to go out and stop them. However, it was the end of class and so I ended up dismissing the class. I was behind because I wasn't paying attention to the time, but I managed to get them all situated. They actually listened to me and did what they were supposed to do. My MT came back to help me, but when he saw I had everything going he quickly left. He later told me he left as not to get in the way of my dominance in the class. We'll see how good I am come the next two weeks when I lead completely! D:

Me: Do you ever ask the other teachers or interns the same things you ask me? Why don't you ask them?
Diante: If I wanted to ask them out I would have.
Me: Why do you have headphones in?
Diante: I'm going to practice. I'm gonna get buff.
I should have told him that I don't really like muscular guys. Hahaha.

Michael: Miss Albert. Can I ask you how old you are?
Me: How old do I look?
Michael: 22.
Me: Yep!
Kyle: How old do you think I am?
Me: 15.
Kyle: If you didn't know me how old would you think I am?
Me: (smiling and silent)
Kyle: You probably think I was 12.
Me: Yeah, hahaha!

One of my male students said to me today, "Miss Albert, you're looking really nice today!" They are so sweet.

Student: I have a question.
Me: I have an answer.
MT: Miss Albert, you've spent too much time with me.
It's true. I feel like I'm becoming a female version of him. Plus, all the kids call me "Mrs. (his last name)." Awkward. haha

One of the students today was talking about Kevin Hart. I said I had never heard of him and he was in complete and utter shock. Apparently EVERYONE in the school knows who Kevin Hart is. My MT didn't know who he was though. As I was leaving the boy and his friend were getting so excited talking about Kevin Hart and said he was HILARIOUS! He told me that my homework was to look him up. So, naturally I did. I asked if he used a lot of bad language, and my student said, "No, he uses a lot of funny language." After watching a few videos that's not the case, but he is funny. The one I'm posting is the most decent one I could find. So, if any one from the school asks if you know who Kevin Hart is you can say with confidence "Yes!" Of course, embedding is disabled for the video, so you can go here to watch it!

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  1. haha, Jazz your posts are funny. I can't believe you didn't know who Kevin Hart is. You should watch all of his movies and then reference him in class... then you will be the coolest teacher!


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