Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Very (Kind Of) Short Post

So, I don't have much to write about today. I think we're finally at that part in the school year where I'm done writing a lot. Anyways, today every single copy machine in the building was not working. My MT gave me this advice: "That, Miss Albert, is why you never make copies the day you want to teach something." It was an ironic comment because he did need to make copies for advisory, but he actually is very organized and good at having copies made ahead of time.

Today I got my first taste of the things that home life can do to a student. I'm going to be very very vague about this post because I want to protect her identity. Yesterday when I was grading quizzes a student had written something on the back of her paper. Today, I asked her if I could talk to her out in the hall. She was very bubbly and happy the past few days so I was concerned about how she really felt. She asked if she was in trouble. I told her definitely not and tried to smile to make her feel at ease. When we got to the hall I asked if she was okay and told her I saw what she wrote. She told me that a very tragic event took place. She said she was crying a lot the day before, but she told me, "I'm cool now." I knew she wasn't because once she knew I was talking to her about her quiz she looked like she wanted to cry. I told her I would be there to talk to her if she need anything and then I asked if she wanted me to refer her to the counselor. She told me that she wanted me to do that. My heart breaks for her I can't imagine what she's going through. However, I want to help because I struggled in high school with issues and I wish that someone would have noticed my cry for help, although I was never very explicit as anything like she was.

On a lighter note, I'm bringing in cupcakes tomorrow and I get to bake them soon! I'm excited although we have so much grading to do tomorrow since they are turning in their notebooks, lesson 1 of their OGT books, and they are taking the procedures quiz again! My teacher did warn me that I should be aware that students will find something to complain about when you try to do something nice, so I'm bracing myself for them to complain about my funfetti cupcakes, although I don't know how you can find much to complain about since it's the best kind of cupcake there is.

I didn't really like the outfit I was wearing today because I just looked really gross. So, I'm not going to post it, but I will say that the khaki pants I wore today were from like 7th grade! The shirt I bought at The Buckle for my senior pictures! It was a pretty old outfit.

I do need your help, though! Does anyone know where I can get professional looking black and khaki skinny pants? For a pretty decent or cheap price? That would be much appreciated!

Also, if you haven't noticed I have a new tab labeled, "History." In this tab I will be putting movies, books, and tv shows I recommend and their historical context in case you're interested... since I am a history teacher and all and prefer a good war movie over a chic flick any day! :)

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