Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Friday, Friday Gotta Get Down On Friday

Okay, so you all should have seen that one coming. But that's okay. Those delicious things to the right are the funfetti cupcakes I made for my advisory. Most of the students were actually pretty thankful. However, the firepit didn't go so well because we didn't have the chairs set up. A few students kept making comments when someone would speak. So, now I know that if I want something to run smoothly you can't change things up on kids and you have to have the room set up ahead of time. One of my students did ask me if he could call me Miss Avacado (this was the item I used during the name game).

Every week we check binders and the students get two grades 1 for the binder order and organization and the second for the warm up. If students get A's on both for the entire quarter than they are considered "Super Students" and one day for lunch my MT takes them out to a restaurant. You know what that means? I get to go out to lunch with them! I'm super excited and it's going to be cool to hang out with students in a different context other than the classroom. When my MT was explaining it to the students he says, "Now, I'm going to warn you I've had students purposely fail the last binder check because they couldn't handle the responsibility that goes with it. Boys, I should warn you, women will want you and men will want to be you. Girls, it's going to be very expensive because of the amount of people calling you and the number of guys wanting to go on a date with you." He went on and on. It was so funny, but I laugh at everything!

The honeymoon stage with the students is coming to an end, I think. One girl was already caught cheating by my MT the other day on a quiz about procedures! They are also starting to do a "Mom against Dad" thing where they will ask one of us something and if the one tells them no they will go to me, mostly, and tell me that my MT told them they could. For example, one girl told me that my MT said she could go to the bathroom, so I wrote her a pass. He never did. Then later she apparently had asked my MT what grade she would get on her OGT workbook that she didn't complete. He said he "didn't know" because I was doing the grading. When I got to hers she tried to tell me that he was okay with her not finishing, but I just thought to myself, "Yeah, right" so I gave her an F because that's what I was doing with the books that weren't finished. She got SO pissed and grabbed away her book so I couldn't grade it (it's not like I had my own grade sheet or anything). Then my MT said she went up to him later and told him I gave her an F and he just said, with a smile, "Okay." Hahaha.

Today I graded around 150 binders and warm ups, 150 OGT workbooks, and 150 quizzes! AND I got them all done before I left for the day. My MT says I'm a grading machine. But I have to thank my teachers in middle and high school who always let me come in to grade papers. Yeah, I was that nerdy kid in high school. As I was grading the binders I turned to one binder and it said "Ricky Minaj" with a heart for the dotted I and then there was an arrow pointing from it to the words, "Nicki is wifey." HAHA! It was even funnier because I know his personality. I hope her gets to marry her one day! HAHA. Also, some of the attitudes were coming out when I was grading those OGT workbooks. They had 2 days and part of a class day to finish just one lesson for homework. So, it's not like they didn't have time. I graded them in front of them and some girls started getting attitudes towards me. But it's not my fault you didn't do your work. When I start again I need to make it clear that I mean business from day 1. I think some of them think they can walk all over me, but as I realize that I kind of was in the beginning I know now that I can't be that way when I get my own class.

Can you guess where this outfit is from? Yeah, Urban Outfitters and Target. Don't worry, though, as we get into the fall season I'll start wearing clothes that is not from either of those places, maybe. Actually, the belt is from a thrift store though! But that's not too shocking either.

I hope you all have a good weekend! I'm working at my actual paying job! I'm so lucky! I do miss the old people though! :)

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