Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Tribe is better than the Reds

On Wednesday I walked into the classroom wearing a Cleveland Indians shirt. My mentor teacher looked at me and told me that I was not allowed to wear Tribe gear into his classroom. We had a discussion on how I love Cleveland sports and he's a Cincinnati fan. He was really surprised that I'm a die hard Indians fan. Then he said we'll have fun sulking in the losses of our teams (because neither city has great sports teams - although, Cleveland is obviously better!).

Wednesday we spent the time hanging up posters in the classroom. He let me decide where to hang some of the posters which was kind of cool. I felt bad though because I'm really short so he had to hang most of the posters up since the ceilings in the classroom are very high. When we first started hanging posters I was saying how I can't imagine putting a classroom together by myself (it's a LOT of work that you don't really think about). He said that I should imagine it because I'll be in that position one day. Then I responded saying, "I guess I'll have to make very tall friends." Then he just laughed. But then to myself I was thinking, "Man, I need to marry someone tall so he can come in and help me hang up posters." So, in my search for my nonexistent husband another requirement is that he needs to be tall!

While we were putting together the classroom he had a woman from UC come meet with him because he is going to teach a graduate class on classroom management. After they met she took him to lunch, which meant me, as the intern, got to tag along for free food! We went to a Mediterranean restaurant where I ordered a falafel sandwich. It wasn't the first time I've had one (or even had one there), but if you've never tried one you HAVE to! After lunch my mentor teacher said, "See, people take me out to lunch JUST to talk to me." I responded, "I could get used to this." And I can! :)

On Thursday when I entered the room my mentor teacher said, "I'm glad you decided not to wear Cleveland gear." Geez... he just doesn't understand that Cleveland is the best city ever! We didn't do much Thursday. He had me read about projects they'll be doing during the semester and the syllabus. It was kind of boring because while I was reading through it he met with someone else, so I was done reading way before his meeting was over. I was literally falling asleep in the chair, and I was super hungry! Haha.

When the meeting was over we just talked about the upcoming weeks. We have so many meetings to attend next week, which is exciting in a way because I finally get to see what department and team meetings are like. The school I'm at is different also in the way that it is teacher centered. The teachers are more in charge of what happens than the administrators. I kind of like this idea because the teachers are the ones who are actually teaching. They know the content, where the students are at, and what needs to be done at the school. He also told me his vision for the year and having me there. We are going to be team teaching where we will both be active teachers in the classroom. We are going to spend this upcoming Wednesday working on the syllabus. I'm excited!

Before I left he asked me if I brought in anything. I told him I brought in some stuff (but I thought he just meant like pens, paper, etc). I had no idea he actually wanted me to bring in stuff for my desk! I didn't know if it would be appropriate for me to bring in pictures and stuff, but apparently we had different ideas. He told me that I should bring in pictures and stuff to make it look like I'm a real teacher. If I don't have anything it will look like I'm renting the space and the students won't take me seriously as a teacher. Makes sense! He told me I wasn't allowed to bring in Cleveland stuff. I gave him the death stare. Then he just said he was kidding and I could bring in anything I wanted. This means an excuse for craft time! ... like I need one!

I'm glad he has wanted me in the classroom so early. It has also made me think that I could be a teacher. When I'm out of the classroom I second guess my major, but when I'm back I think I can't wait to be a teacher! I have this battle in my head constantly!

I love design and art. I was looking at a typography blog called Friends of Type. I came across this artwork:
by Erik Marinovich
It made me think about why want to teach. I think teaching is the least appreciated job out there. So, tell me, if you're a teacher or planning on becoming one, why do you teach?

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