Monday, August 22, 2011

Manic Monday

So, today was pretty uneventful. I really hate the fact that we are still going over procedures and routines, but I know the benefits in the future will outweigh all this boring stuff right now. As much as I would love to be getting into the history information I know none of it will go successfully if the students don't understand what is expected of them. Today I did explain the grading of the binder (because I did the grading). As the classes went on the better I got at explaining the grades. One thing I do is I lose my train of thought when I'm talking so it sounds like I'm nervous or stuttering, but I'm really not. I do this when I talk to people in person (even friends) because I am much more of a listener than a talker. One thing my MT pointed out to me was that when I told the students where there grade was located I needed to tell them to turn to exactly where I was explaining the grade and pause and make sure everyone was there. Explaining things to them is a very slow process and they need to be guided through every step. I'm not trying to dumb them down, but you can't assume everyone understands you despite every effort you make to give directions as explicitly as possible.

My MT also wanted me to enter the binder check and warm up grades into the computer. I had them all done by 3rd bell. He couldn't believe it and said I was a ninja when it came to grading. I also spent some time grading the summer homework. I got it all done before I left, so now I only need to grade the homework that students turn in late, but I think there is going to be more late homework than homework I graded today. :(

Since I'm pretty good at grammar and writing my MT wants me to proofread and go over everything he hands out, including information for the class he is teaching at UC. I read over his syllabus today for the classroom management class he is teaching for UC. He wanted me to catch any writing mistakes and also give him feedback on what I thought. I felt pretty adult-like giving him the feedback, especially since it is for a graduate level class. He asked me about the course load and what I thought of the course. I really like what he wanted to do because I liked my professor for my class, but I feel like I didn't learn much I could put into practice. In my MT's class he has the students write their own philosophy and throughout the course they will observe other teachers and do readings that they can pull into their philosophy. It made me want to go back and rewrite my own. If you didn't know it most teachers have to write a teaching philosophy that they use to explain why they do what they do. This is mostly for interview purposes.

Today's outfit comes from Urban Outfitters and Target. SHOCKER! Everything but the sweater is from Target. Oh, and I have bangs again! I finally got my hair cut. It was so gross and nasty since I haven't had it cut since last September. It's shorter now, but it needed to be cut. I must look pretty decent today though because this conversation happened on my way home:
Guy on Street: Hey.
Me: Hello.
GoS: What's your name?
Me: (pausing because I don't know what to say, but awkwardly I proceed) I don't have a name.
GoS: You don't have a name? You're looking nice, baby. (Then he continues to say stuff to me as we walk in opposite directions.

I forgot to mention this last week in my post, but as one of the bells was leaving one of the boys said, "Cleveland sucks!" and I responded, "Do you want to spend an afternoon in detention with me?" He was the same boy that asked if I burned LeBron's jersey. It was really funny.

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