Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Blog Banner by Tim Kilkenny

Tim Kilkenny, my internet friend, sent me a message saying he was inspired by my blog name and had created a banner for me, but wouldn't be offended if I didn't want it. I loved the fact that someone wanted to do something for my blog! However, I have been trying to upload banners for months but blogger always said I reached the quota and wouldn't be able to upload anymore. 

I had him send me them anyways and fell in love! It is so unique and fits my blogs name perfectly! AND to my surprise I was able to upload it to my blog! I thought I was going to have to learn html, but it turns out I didn't (although I'm still going to try)! I added my own handwriting to the title because I couldn't find a font I liked.

Anyways, Tim is an awesome photographer and a fellow lover of Cleveland. Please check out his other work on his Flickr! He is also selling a book, called Meet the Cleveland Kid, of his Cleveland photographs which you can purchase through Blurb, here!

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