Sunday, January 27, 2013

12 Thanks: V.1

This year I wanted to do a 365 challenge. If you are unfamiliar with the concept it's one where you take 365 photos, one for each day of the year. However, I work entirely too much and three days a week I work doubles, so there is little time to take pictures, let alone upload and blog about them in a timely fashion. It lasted about two days and then it ended. Then I was going to do a 52 week photo challenge and by the time Saturday of the first week came around I hadn't done it yet, then I had to go to urgent care, and dropped my phone in soup. So, I scratched that idea. I decided I'd do a monthly project. I can do 12... I hope!

This year I am going to do 12 Months of Thanks. Every month I will take pictures of something of I am thankful for. I didn't come up with this idea until January 26. Oops. But as I was editing pictures from my grandma's house it came to me. Plus, being depressed makes me lose sight of what I should be thankful for.

For January I am thankful for dinner dates. If you think about it dinner is the perfect time to meet up with family and friends. So much can happen over dinner. Good conversation, good company, and good food. On the 12th I went over my grandma's house just to hang out. When I would come back from school I would always go visit my grandma, but now that I'm living back home I rarely make it out to see her. It's mostly because Saturday is my only day off, and by the time Saturday roles around I'm either cleaning or running errands.

I went to visit my grandma and ended up staying for dinner. We threw together a quick dinner of salad, tilapia, and potatoes. My grandma is the best, and she is always trying to make everyone comfortable. You can be certain to be offered coffee or tea when you visit. I respected her wishes and didn't take any pictures of her.
 photo 031_zps3dd6421a.jpg
 photo 034_zps83f8380c.jpg
 photo 035_zps3dc33ae8.jpg
 photo 038_zps9568520b.jpg
 photo 040_zps34b87c0e.jpg
 photo 041_zps6c387b14.jpg
 photo 044_zpsbe814c36.jpg
 photo 045_zps0d24268f.jpg
 photo 048_zpsf87f7a6f.jpg
 photo 051_zps464159cb.jpg
What are you thankful for this month?

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