Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sick Days

So, yesterday was the first day I had to call in sick. Now, I HATE missing work, school, etc. That is just not in my personality. However, I get so exhausted teaching that I knew I needed a day to recover, especially since this is the weekend I work at the nursing home. Basically, I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat. I thought it was just one of those where you breathe with your mouth open, but the sore throat goes away throughout the day. Not the case with me which I was really surprised about since I had no other signs of getting sick. I spent all yesterday sleeping and drinking orange juice hoping to recover as soon as possible. 

Today was probably not the best day to return three textbooks I borrowed from the school back. I was so sore once I got to school, and I actually think it made me a little bit worse. I was pretty good throughout the day. I just had to blow my nose a lot and I put on a ton of hand sanitizer. I hate being sick because I just feel so miserable.

 A lot of my students asked where I was yesterday and told me they missed me. One student ran up and goes, "MISS ALBERT!!!! WHERE WERE YOU?" He tried to give me a big hug but I told him not to because I was sick, but he goes, "I don't care. I'm sick too!" I really hope I'm much better tomorrow. I hate this!

During my planning bell the English teacher walks in and I thought she wanted my MT. She goes, "So, do you have any obligations after school." I told her I just had study tables. Then she says, "Oh, I wanted to see if you wanted to judge the dance tryouts because I need another judge." So, I was like well I'll ask my MT, but I'm sure it'll be okay! So, I was a judge for the dance tryouts. It was super cute. A lot of the girls trying out were my students and when I walked in they were like, "HI MISS ALBERT!" or "Miss Albert! You're a judge?!" The are too adorable. As I was leaving some of the girls were still there and they asked how they did. I was telling them I couldn't say anything and the math teacher goes, "MISS ALBERT TELL ME HOW I DID!" So, I go, "OH MY GOSH! You made it." Then she pretended to rub it in the students' faces.

So, some of the male students pretend to hit on me and one of them during class the other day looks back at me and tries to get my attention. I look at him and then he blows me a kiss. Then that same student wanted me to look at his and his partners story board. I was reading it and it was on the Cuban Missile Crisis and all of a sudden he had information about the Bay of Pigs. I asked why they had it and they said my MT wanted them to include it. So, I go, well you'll need to talk to him. The student goes, "But Miss Albert. We want you. You're really smart." I kind of laugh. Then after he talks to my MT he goes, "Miss Albert. I told you you were smart. [MT] said the same thing as you. You're just as smart as him. Actually you're smarter." Hahahaha... right....

Over break I may or may not have gone on a couple "dates," if you want to call them that. Basically, I hung out with two guys. Haha. Anyways, on Monday my MT had everyone in advisory go around and say the best part of their Thanksgiving break. I said that I went on my very first date ever. My students freaked out! The girls thought it was so adorable. They asked what I did and I told them I actually went on two. My MT goes, "How about we make Miss Albert bring in any potential dates and we have to ask them questions and decide whether or not they are good enough." My advisory students were like, "Oh my gosh! Like the bachelorette!" I wish I had a group of guys that I could have them question and vote on who would be the best. I love my students and I'd totally trust that MOST of them would keep my best interests in mind.

Well, I better get going. Please pray I get better soon!

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