Friday, December 16, 2011

The Final Days

Today was my last day of student teaching. I'm actually supposed to look for real jobs now! I miss my students so much already. I wasn't even inside my house for five minutes when I started bawling because I'm not going to go back after break.

Anyways, let's back track. In advisory we are doing Student Led Advisory where the students actually teach the advisory lesson. Two girls did snow flake making. It was fun! I love crafts and I really do want to make some now that I have nothing to do with my life.

Later in the day my MT calls me over and tells me to look at this one student's snow flake. This student is so adorable, but he's kind of spacey. I don't even know how to explain him, but this snow flake was totally him. My MT says to me, "Look at Anthony's snow flake. Only he would make it look like a devil." It was so funny and so true! A few days later Anthony tells a student that his looks like a mask and I just start cracking up thinking about my MT's comment. Hopefully you can tell which one is his... hahaha!

So this week was definitely rough. The students finished up their comic projects and some turned out so cool! Yesterday was pretty much non stop from 8:45-4:20 when I worked from 4:21-9. I made cookies for my advisory and mentor teacher. I also made record bowls out of what I had left and then 4 paintings to give to my advisory kids. It was a long day and I really appreciate my friend coming over to give me some support. I also found out last night that my mom, on top of having MS, now has breast cancer. It's only a stage 0, but prayers would be wonderful! I definitely do appreciate him coming over to hang out and he even helped me with some dishes.

Today was my last day. Like I said I cried. My advisory through me a surprise party and one of the my students made me a cake and she made me a large card which she forgot and also put together a small notebook full of notes from all my students! I didn't actually get to read the book yet because we had a fire drill at the end of school so she couldn't stop by, but I'm going to visit them again after the break and pick it up. The party was also a secret Santa exchange and we had food. My advisory kids are so cute. I'm really really going to miss them!
The female student is the one who put all of the party and stuff together. She is such a sweet girl. The boy is also in my advisory.

Throughout the day I gave out so many hugs and I got cards and gifts from people. I also graded a ton of stuff. Some of my students were shocked I was leaving and they asked if I could get hired there and stuff like that. :( I'm so appreciative of the amazing students I had and a great MT. Plus, an amazing team of teachers. My MT had a lunch for me yesterday where we all ate Indian and all the team teachers came to eat lunch in our room. It was a great feeling knowing all those teachers appreciated my work.
This is a picture of what I received today from various students and teachers.

Finally, I'm going to finish this post off with two pictures of the classroom. One is my desk and the other is the poster we hung up from our advisory door decorating contest. I'm sure I'll write some more about stories from student teaching that I missed and my MT said he would keep me updated with texts of the crazy things the students do. I'm also going to keep this blog going, so no worries this isn't my last post!

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  1. Awww this is so cute how much stuff they did for you!! They must really like you.

    ps. praying for your mom!


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