Thursday, December 29, 2011

Questions & Answers

During my first few weeks of student teaching we did an advisory activity in which we had all our advisory students write a questions to me and my mentor teacher anonymously. Then we would answer them. I had them in my desk the entire semester, but we never finished them. I still have them in my possession and I thought I would take them time to answer all of them for my (and possibly your) enjoyment.

**NOTE: I left the questions as they were written on the cards.

Q: Are you currently at college or a graduate?
A: At that time in college; now a graduate!

Q: What is the worst thing you ever did?
A: I tried jumping down a flight of stairs and broke my ankle (after answering this I realized them probably meant something like have I ever done drugs or shoplifted)

Q: What do you do on your off day?
A: Crafts, read, watch something on Netflix.

Q: How many years did Ms. Albert stayed at UC?
A: 4 years + one quarter

Q: What is the hardest challenge you've had as a college student?
A: All the reading I was required to do, as well as balancing school, work and a social life.

Q: Do you want to have children?
A: Not really (I had told my students I didn't really like kids and the girls all gasped like "How could you hate children?). This answer might change when I meet the right person, but right now I loved being a teacher and I'm still too immature to bring a child into the world.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Green and blue.

Q: Are you excited about being here?
A: Yes, I was super excited about student teaching (some of my students thought I was crazy)

Q: Why do you look bord?
A: Umm? I don't know?

Q: Did you always want to go to college?
A: Yes-- but it was also kind of expected and I didn't really see any other option.

Q: What do you think about [School name] STEM?
A: I loved it!

Q: If I would to struggle with gramer would you volenteer to become my tutor?
A: I wish I would have answered this, but the answer would have yes!

Q: Do you have kids?
A: NO!

Q: What did you major in college?
A: History and Secondary Education: Social Studies.

Q: Are you strict or do you let people get over you?
A: I'm a pushover in the beginning and then I'm strict, but from now on I'm starting off strict.

Q: How old are you?
A: 22

Q: When was your first date? Tell us about it?
A: At the time these were written I still had never been on a date, but now I can answer it. My first date was during Thanksgiving break and we just watched a movie.

One thing I learned while student teaching which I would have thought of when I made my list was how quick you begin to recognize student handwriting. When I first read those questions I had no clue who wrote what, but now I can recognize some of what people wrote.

Also, I follow a blog called Sometimes Sweet and the girl who writes on the website also writes for HelloGiggles. She wrote an article called "On Being a High School English Teacher" and some of what she writes is very similar to my own experience as a high school history teacher. Check out the article here if you are so inclined! :)

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