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My name is Jasilyn (JA-suh-lin), and welcome to Coffee + Cleveland! What started out as a blog about student teaching* in 2011 blossomed into a lifestyle blog chronicling my most recent move to Ufa, Russia. For now I am working as an English teacher in one of the coldest places I have ever lived. Someone once told me, "If you can survive Russia you can survive the North Pole." There is no doubt this is true, and as someone who is surviving a new culture and a case of hypothermia I like to think I'd be able to survive in The Walking Dead.

*Note: In the event names are used from the employing school they have been changed to protect the identity of the faculty and students of the school.

Intrigued? Here's more...

  • I studied history and secondary education at the University of Cincinnati
  • I went back to school and got my TESOL endorsement from Cleveland State University
  • I am currently teaching English in Ufa, Russia
  • I've been to eight different countries and 5 different Russian cities
  • I love finding those off-beat places, in particular anything abandoned or covered in street art
  • I hope one day to make it in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most selfies with Vladimir Lenin statues.

What's the story behind your blog name?

The name "Coffee + Cleveland" came to me one day when I was living in Cincinnati. At the time I was homesick (missing Cleveland) and was also obsessed with coffee. I think I changed the name of this blog at least 4 times before I finally settled on the name.

But I want to know more!

Awesome! Feel free to look around my blog. I'm also very active on my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you have a specific question feel free to send me an e-mail at coffeeandcleveland@gmail.com

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  1. Hey Jessalyn,

    I just read your blog and interview on the expat site. Nice job on the blog, its interesting to read. I'm considering a move to Ufa later this year and was hoping you could recommend a few good schools to apply to. If you have any advice for a budding ESL teacher coming to your neck of the woods, I'd love to hear it. And one more question, I know you have your hands full with learning Russian but have you tried learning Tartar or Bashkir? Talk about a difficult language, try it out if Russian becomes too easy! Hope to hear from you.


    1. There are several English schools in Ufa. Are you looking for a job as a native speaker or as a Russian instructor teaching English. I don't think my school is hiring for this coming year, but I know they will in 2017 because two of us will be leaving. There's another school, but I'm not sure how she pays because I know she usually goes through organizations to get her teachers. I can try to find the information if you'd like.

      I have not tried to learn either. I've picked up some words because I see them all the time on store signs, but I've been here a year and can barely speak Russian. :)

  2. I love your about me info and your blog design!! <3


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