Friday, February 15, 2019

Prophet Isaiah's Second Coming House

1308 Ontario Ave, Niagara Falls, NY 14305, USA
Before we left Niagara Falls J agreed to drive by this house since it was on the way. Actually he probably would have stopped anyways. As we turned down the street I knew right away that it was the house. You can't miss it. We parked across the street and had a great spot with nothing blocking our view (There's even a Pokemon Go gym at this house, if you play). I got out of the car for a second to take photos while they waited inside. I wasn't too happy with how my photos came out but I'm always afraid of gawking at people's houses.
The house was designed by Jamaican Isaiah Henry Robertson who came to America via Canada. He worked as a house flipper until God spoke to him telling him to start preparing for the end of the world. Unsurprisingly, his wife wasn't on board with this prophecy and divorced him leaving him to take his green card to American and focusing on what God had in store for him. According to him, this is the place Jesus would come before going to Goat Island where people would either be saved or thrown into the falls. Unfortunately for him two of his prophecies - that the world would end in 2014 and Barack Obama would be the last US president - haven't come true. Well, the last one is still up in the air until Trump decides to declare himself absolute dictator.
We didn't see Prophet Isaiah on our trip but from what I've read he's a very welcoming guy, and it's almost impossible for you to leave without being saved.


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