Friday, February 22, 2019

My Second Trip to Madrid

Madrid, Spain
My sister and I left Amsterdam late morning to head to Madrid. We had the hardest time finding our terminal and no one there was helpful. Apparently there was construction, but there were no signs of where to go and there were literally lines of people. Luckily, my sister figured out where to go and we bypassed the crowd of people. We arrived in Madrid mid-day and were picked up at the airport by my cousin. I had visited my cousin in Spain back when I lived in Russia so it was my second time visiting. For me, it was more about seeing family than visiting Madrid. My sister had never been to Madrid, so when we went back out in the evening it was all about hitting those local spots.
Since it's really hot in Madrid in July, we waited a little bit until the sun started to go down to go back out. It was still a scorcher, though. We walked around and my cousin showed us some of the main sites in Madrid. She then took us to Puerta del Sol, and we dined in high style (or as I like to think) at El Corte Ingles. Well, we didn't actually dine, we just had a few glasses of wine which is what you do in Spain. There was an absolutely beautiful view of the city from the top floor, and we know how much I love a panoramic view. We also managed to get one of very few tables at the restaurant. It was so nice to just sit up there and enjoy the summer evening.
I honestly don't remember what else we did after walking around but probably not that much. Besides Moscow, Madrid is the first city I've ever revisited so I enjoyed just vacationing and not feeling like I had to visit a million different places.

Have you ever visited Madrid?

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