Friday, April 21, 2017

April 13, 2017

If you read this post from last week then you know that I celebrated my 28th birthday. Can you believe I graduated from high school and started college 10 years ago? Anyways, it was a pretty simple day. I didn't get any sleep the night before because I was mulling over my decision for next year. I said it wasn't an easy decision, and it really wasn't.

I had an individual lesson and then a work meeting. I walked in late to the work meeting and my director and everyone started singing "Happy Birthday," and they presented me with chocolates and a rose with an abnormally long stem. I hate having attention drawn on me in that way but I was grateful for everyone who celebrated with me. After our meeting I sat in the office in the office and talked with one of my colleagues for a while. Around 5 I met A and we went to one of our most frequented cafes for dinner.
After dinner we picked up a cake. I took a picture of A holding all my gifts and cake, but in reality I carried all my stuff back to my house. :) I had an interview that night, which I should have cancelled since I had accepted another job beforehand but decided to keep it because I'm the world's worst interviewee so I figured the extra practice couldn't hurt. Then A and I had some cake with tea to finish the night.
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!


  1. The stem on that rose is something else, wow! So glad you had a nice birthday. Oh, and I too have gone to interviews after accepting other can't hurt.

    1. It's so long! I think I was hitting people with it while walking home. I know I definitely hit a car.

      Ah! So glad I'm not the only one!

  2. looks like you had a good birthday!


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