Friday, December 23, 2016

Helsinki, Pt. 2: Temppeliaukion Church

Lutherinkatu 3, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Built before 1970, Temppeliaukion Church was our first stop on Friday. This church was designed by brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1961. It was opened in 1969, and is visited by 500,000 people yearly. The walls are made from the natural rock, which still lets water seep through, and, in conjunction with the architectural shape, the acoustics make it the perfect place for concerts. The interior alone is worth the visit.

After taking pictures of the church we went across the street to Anne's Souvenir Shop where I picked up some cute souvenirs, including a vintage-looking Santa Claus postcard. I realized that buying Christmas souvenirs is kind of fun. I don't plan on having kids (anytime soon), but I know there are Christmas decorations at my house I looked forward to unpacking every year. I like the idea of having similar Christmas decorations with a history, like the Christmas tree matryoshka my friend Alessia got me in St. Petersburg.
Would you visit this church?


  1. The church is so cool! I love the way the walls on the inside are made up of rocks. It's a really nice way to bring nature into architecture. Your decoration sounds really lovely, my mum and I often pick up Christmas decorations when we travel and so we have a higgeldy-piigeldy tree but I think it's cute. We call it our memory tree! xx


    1. Where have you gotten Christmas decorations from? I'm obsessed with it now. :)

  2. Oooh, this looks so cool. I love the rock walls.
    Love the Christmas souvenir idea.

    1. The rock wall was cooler in person. You could see streams coming from it!


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