Friday, December 2, 2016

Alley of Modern Sculpture

ul. Lenina, 1, Ufa, Respublika Bashkortostan, Russia, 450077

I'm always scouring the internet and social media for new places to visit and explore. I spent too many years bored and hating my hometown, so now I'm trying to branch out and use that opportunity to show you what I've found in Russia. A few weeks ago I came across these sculptures, and I was surprised that I had never seen them before. I'm always convinced I've seen every inch of Ufa, and then I'm surprised when I come across something new. I couldn't tell exactly where they were located from the photos because they were very close up. Then, A and I went for a walk a few weekends ago, and I couldn't believe that they almost next to where I work.

The gallery is right outdoors on the pedestrian street of yulitsa Lenina. The reason I never noticed the statues before was because they are brand new. Ufa hosted the International Stone Sculpture Symposium from July-August 2016. There were 13 sculptors from several different countries around the globe, including Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, and France, who took part in the event. The theme was "Russia, Eurasian Space: Civilization and Culture," and you can read more about each piece here. The website is in Russian, but Google translate can help you out. 
What do you think? Do you like these sculptures?


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