Thursday, January 28, 2016

St. Petersburg Pt. 5

St Petersburg, Russia
Sunday, January 10, 2016

We were both relieved that we woke up alive the next morning. We walked over to Peter and Paul Fortress. It was a long walk for how cold it was, but I'm sure it would be nice in the summer. It was really cool to see the frozen river though. There were a lot of people on the ice and every time we saw them we would imagine what it would be like to fall through.

I liked Peter and Paul Fortress because it's where the Romanov family is buried.When I was in 9th grade I loved learning about the Romanov's and the Russian Revolution so it was really cool to finally be in a place that has history. When we left the church we were really too cold to see much more so we decided to leave and head somewhere else.

There were a few places I found that I wanted to visit while in St. Petersburg. It was too cold so go to some of them but we were able to go to the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines because it was right near our hostel. They museum not only has arcade games, but it also has a small cafe. You also get old Soviet coins to play the games! Unfortunately, some of the games weren't working, but it was still really cool. Also, I'm sorry for the quality of my pictures. It was so cold that it took a while for my lens to defrost so some of the pictures are kind of blurry.
We had some dessert at the museum, but we were still hungry so we went back to Теремок because it was really good! We had a lot of time still before we had to be at the airport, but we wanted to stick to somewhere close to our hostel because it was cold. We walked over to the State Russian Museum. The museum is different from the Hermitage because it's all Russian artists. It was really confusing to figure out where to go though after we dropped off our coats. We got lost a few times, even with Katherine speaking Russian. I LOVE modern art, so I was surprised there was modern art in this museum. There was also a display of different ethnic Russian art and artifacts.

The museum started to close, but we still had a lot of time before we needed to get back to the hostel. We decided to go to dinner and we wanted to go back to Il Patio because we wanted some mulled wine. However, we couldn't remember the name of the restaurant or where it was located. We knew it was on Nevsky Prospekt because we couldn't remember the exact location. We thought maybe we would pass it when walking down Nevsky Prospekt but we just kept walking and walking and still never found it. So, we ended up at Evrasia. Katherine and I (and our friend Alessia when she was living in Ufa) get sushi every Sunday, so we still got to continue our sushi Sunday tradition! The sushi here was REALLY good. We finished dinner by going all out and getting dessert!

We ran out of ideas and it was getting late so we went back to the hostel to charge our phones and wait for our taxi. Two girls in our hostel were from Ufa and they actually went to the English school I teach at. It's weird how things happen like that. We didn't see Carrie the rest of the night, but when we called our taxi the license plate number was 666! It was a really funny way to end our trip!

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