Monday, April 27, 2015

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Now that I'm finally done posting about my Asia trip I can finally begin my normal posts again. I'm now going back in time and editing pictures I've been putting off since my trip. If you don't know my mom has MS, and although she's able to do things she often feels tired. During fall we both often had Wednesday evenings off so I tried to make it over to my parents' house so I could do something with my mom. I don't know if I ever went to the Cleveland of Natural History, and my mom hadn't been there for years, so in the beginning of September we went down there.

I mostly went for the dinosaur bones, but the museum had so much to look at. They even had a special exhibit for the Silk Road which was really cool to see. I didn't get many pictures because I'm terrible at taking pictures indoors on manual mode without a flash. Practice makes perfect. ;)

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