Friday, April 24, 2015

Adventure to Asia: Philippines, Pt. 3

Saturday, August 2: Dumaguete City

After paying for an extra bag we walked to our gate. Our flight ended up being delayed an hour! This wouldn't have been a problem, but we had to catch another plane in Manila. When we landed in Manila we had to wait for our checked bag which is exactly the reason we didn't want to check any bags. We had about 30 minutes to get to our gate. I just told Jillian I would try to get our tickets without her there. When I got to the counter I explained pretty impatiently that my sister was waiting for a bag and we had a flight with the same airline. She hesitantly gave me both tickets and I ran to wait for my sister. Of course cell phone service was terrible and literally at the time we needed to be at the gate Jillian finally came up but there was a family that couldn't decided what they wanted to do and I was just yelling at Jillian to ask if she could cut in front of them. Then we ran through security and to our gate with all our bags. Luckily, we made it on time. I don't know how but God was looking out for us. I tried to sleep on the flight, but I couldn't.

When we go to Dumaguete we went to a hostel owned by someone my sister knows. We ate breakfast and then went to her apartment. When we got there there were so many roosters tied up that my sister had never seen before. We figured they were being used for fights. We both showered and then took a nap. We left her apartment around 5 and she took me to a coffee shop called Scooby's where she had me try Halo Halo. It's this purple ice cream (I can't remember the name) and they put lots of different toppings on it and it all sits on some ice. We both forgot our phones so Jillian went back to get them while I waited for the food. It came while she was still gone and I felt bad starting to eat it before she came back.

A little bit before 7 we headed to a place called Pasta King where I met some more of my sister's friends. After we ate I really wanted caffeine. Jillian and I walked to a coffee shop but they didn't have to go cups. I just gave up. After we ate some of us went to vidaoke. It's like karaoke but with videos. It's big in the Philippines and my sister wanted me to experience it.

Sunday: August 3: Dumaguete City

On Sunday Jillian, her two friends, and I went to Dauin to go swimming. It took a while to get there, but it was a really nice spot and there weren't many people around. We stayed there for a long part of the day but it was really windy!

Afterwards, we decided we were going to have dinner together so we went to a market and super market called Lee Plaza. Lee Plaza was strange because there were so many check points and security to get through. I bought a buko shake because Jillian wanted me to try it and it was SO GOOD! It tasted like a vanilla milkshake. Outside of the super market two guys were with a little puppy and it was so cute, but then they tried selling it to us and we declined. We then headed our separate ways to shower before dinner.
Around 6 we headed to the one girls apartment. She made us iced coffees and when the other girl arrived they made guacamole. We ate so much guacamole that by the time we made the pasta we weren't too hungry. We finished the night watching 50/50.

Monday, August 4: Cebu City

In the morning I packed up all my stuff and we went to where my sister works. I dropped my stuff off and then we walked to a coffee shop where I got some tea and food. Jillian had to leave to go to a meeting so I finished everything myself. I almost started crying because I get really emotional when things end, plus I was sad to be leaving my sister. We had our arguments while on our 3 week trip together, but it was still really sad to be leaving. After I ate I walked to a little souvenir shop and bought last minute gifts. I walked back to my sisters work and met some of her co-workers. Then she took me to the airport.

We said good-bye and I went to check in. When I got to the counter they had to weigh me and all my stuff. I was waiting to be charged for an extra bag again but it turned out they only need the weight because it was a propeller plane. When I got on the plane a woman was sitting in my seat and I just let her have it because she was with her husband. I got a seat the faced everyone and it was really weird to be sitting that way. So, there is a stereotype that Filipina women date old white men and that stereotype rang true on this flight. The first three rows in front of me and 2 out of the 3 rows on the other side were Filipina women with these really old white men.

The airport was a lot smaller than I was expecting and I spent 10 hours at this coffee shop with no food. I met a guy named Ferdie and we talked for most of his shift. He was really nice. Then he left and I still had so much time before my flight. I just journaled for most of the time. Finally about 10 pm I was able to check in and wait for my flight.

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