Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cleveland City Guide: The Cleveland Zoo

After desperately looking for someone to go to the zoo with me I finally went. It's hard because the friends I do have up here usually work the days I'm off. My sister said I should ask my mom which I didn't think was an option because of my mom's MS. It usually makes her tired and she doesn't like to go out and walk around. Luckily, she loves animals as much as I do and agreed to go.

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with my mom. I know it's so cliche, but she really is the best and I love her. We also saw some really cute animals. We realized going to the zoo in fall is great because the animals were all out! But a lot of them were pacing which was kind of weird. I felt like all these animals knew i had a camera and decided it was the chance to do things that are kind of funny. There was a point where I was taking a picture of an elephant and it started pooping. It was funny. I'm immature like that (my mom laughed too though!).

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