Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jasilyn Attempts to Draw

Two of my absolute favorite things on the internet are hand lettering and illustrations. I spend way too much time looking at different blogs and wishing I was as talented as them. Unfortunately, my mom and my sister both got the drawing gene so I can only dream that I can reach their caliber. But practice makes perfect, right?

I got the idea to continue on with my drawing/lettering from Lisa Congdon and an article of Austin Kleon. Congdon has a project she's doing where she creates a hand lettering work of art for each day of the year. Although I wish I could have something on going like that I know I'd keep it up for a week and then forget it. I can't even blog that much anymore. It's like pulling teeth for me now which is such a shame. Kleon's article is about how he learned to draw and improved his handwriting. Basically, he just copied drawings and different hand writings over and over.

Let me just say that it's much harder drawing on my Bamboo Drawing Tablet than it is into a sketchbook. Also, I always welcome creativity ideas! :)


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