Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Throw a Titanic Themed Party

I am obsessed with Titanic and I love history. I also like throwing parties although that rarely ever happens. For my 22nd birthday I threw a Titanic-themed birthday. I wish I had more money because then I would have had a more elaborate party. I should probably re-title this "How to Throw a Titanic Themed Party on a Poor College Person's Budget" because I was/am a poor college person.
What is the  best way to feed people who attend your party? Make it a pot luck. That way everyone brings a dish and everyone gets to eat plenty of food! I tried to offer ideas about what they might eat on the Titanic, but that was kind of hard. Above is a picture of the punch my two friends made. They put a paper boat on it with a picture of me and Leo on the ship like the scene in the movie.
For the entertainment, besides hanging out, I played Titanic and we played an identity game that I saw them playing on Marie Antoinette. Everyone gets a blank card then you have a theme. Everyone needs to write a person or character name on the card. The cards get shuffled and passed back out but no one can see who they have. Then everyone needs to tape the card to their forehead so everyone else can see the card but the person with it. Then everyone takes a turn trying to guess their card. They ask questions to the group and the group answers 'yes' or 'no.' I wanted to do it so that we could only use people in history from 1912 and earlier, but my friends kindly reminded me that I was the history major and they were not. We ended up playing as Disney characters.
Now for the outfits. It wouldn't be a Titanic party if people didn't come dressed in their Titanic best! This is how I split up the Titanic passengers:
  • If your birthday is between January and April come dressed as a first class passenger
  • If your birthday is between May and August come dressed as a second class passenger.
  • If your birthday is between September and December come dressed as a third class passenger.
  • However, if you are a girl coming with a boy then you must dress in his class! Sorry, this is a male dominated society. So, if your birthday is in April, but his birthday is in August you’ll have to come as second class.
  • But if you are a guy coming alone you can dress as a crew member.
Lastly, everyone who was a first class passenger got first choice of seating. Second class, second and third class last.

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